You have been Bonanzaed #8: interview by a Dutch truther with Yana Yerlashova

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In a serie of blogposts I will show how Yana Yerlashova, a former Kremlin funded RT journalist, and  Dutch blogger Max van der Werff present all kind of nonsense on MH17 with the intention to spread disinformation. They use their company or label Bonanza Media for this. Hence the ‘You have been Bonanzaed’ like in ‘You have been fooled’. This is example 8.  The whole serie of examples of nonsense by this duo can be read here.

At October 23, 2019 a group of pro Russian activists organized a screening of a desinformation documentary made by Yana Yerlashova, a former RT  journalist , and Dutch blogger Van der Werff.

I showed in many blogposts that the documentary is full of nonsense. And some future blogposts will show even more the nonsense of the couple.

After the event Dutch vlogger Ronald (he uses his alias Tilasmi which name he got from the Bhagwan)  Frigge did an interview with Yana Yerlashova. Frigge is the founder of the Youtube channel ‘De ommekeer’. Frigge took the iniatitive in 2014 for a petition to apologize to president Putin for Dutch media creating a bad image of Russia. Frigge believes MH17 was downed by Ukraine. He stated the media and politicians in the Netherlands twisted the  truth about MH17 to discredit Putin and Russia. Frigge is also initiator of a protest against the Dutch NOS, a state financed broadcasting organization making up the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. He was wearing a shirt with  ‘NOS = fake news’ printed on it.

By his questions Frigge shows he has poor  knowledge of the MH17 case.

In the interview Yerlashova makes many factual incorrect statements. I will show her nonsense in this blogpost.

At 2:23 Yerlashova confirms a part of the costs for making the documentary was paid by herself. Sofar this was not known. Initially it was said the documentary was paid by money obtained via a crowdfunding campaign.

She told Frigge the courts does not want to have her evidence. What evidence she is talking about?
Frigge says:

“Bellingcat is an independent civilian which brings evidence the court accepts.”

Frigge believes Bellingcat is one person and sends evidence to the court. It is a lot of nonsense in a single line. To start with Bellingcat is a team of volunteers and some are paid employees. JIT did a criminal investigation and came to the same conclusions as Bellingcat did. However JIT had to find evidence which is accepted by the court.


Bellingcat is a mystery. An organization with no real experts but their findings are accepted by the official investigation. For me this is very weird. Bellingcat was debunked a few times. Everything that comes from them is very ambiguous. They say “believe us”. They don’t give you raw data so you can realy recheck their findings.

Bellingcat has a lot more expertise than Yerlashova and van der Werff has. Bellingcat was not debunked. The whole principle of Bellingcat is that it uses open source information which can be used for anyone to do their own investigation. So raw data  used in the investigation by Bellingcat on MH17 which cannot be checked is nonsense.

Frigge then says the tapes came from Bellingcat. Yerlashova corrects him by saying the tapes were supplied by the SBU.

Yerlashova then spreads disinformation by stating the YouTube videos posted by the Ukraine SBU are manipulated.

SBU gave 20 other converations two months after the crash to the JIT. They had time enough to perfect them.
We did not study these tapes.

A full analyses of the study done by the alleged expert will be published soon.


I think that the official investigation has close to nothing to base their argument. The picture they make is based on photos and video on social media and these phone taps. That is not enough to proof somebodies guilt.

From the very beginning, from day one, it was a very weird investigation. They picked up the debris for months after the crash.They did not do proper analysis. Remember the genius question by Billy Six.

Lots of nonsense here. Due to the dangerous situation at the crash site weeks by both parties not respecting the cease fire it was impossible to recover the debris. JIT has far more evidence than it showed during the pressconference. In not a single investigation all the evidence is made public before the start of the trial. All what Yerlashova does, just like the other Kremlin controled media, is trying to discredit the investigation. JIT did for example technical investigation into telephone towers to confirm the location of the people who were tapped. It is really nonsense to suggest JIT did not do proper analysis because the head of the detectives did not want to reveal much to journalist Billy Six.


There was no answer from JIT. Excluding the presence of Ukraine fighter jets. So many things that don’t add up. Why not have real evidence. Why not make the investigation transparent.

Yerlashova does not want to understand that until the start of the trial JIT will keep the evidence hidden.


America bragged the next day they had satellite data. They never provided anything

Nonsense. In an October 2017 interview head of JIT Fred Westerbeke told Russian journalist of Novaya Gazetta “Yes, we have these photos.”.


All the videos taken on the Russian territory of the Buk are perfect quality. All the evidence of pictures and videos Bellingcat presents  they are all very blurry. It is almost impossble to understand what is on that picture , on that video. It is 21st century . All the pictures they have, all the video all very blurry. Of the poorest quality.

Again nonsense. One of the videos made by a dashcam camera initialy was blurred when it was discovered on internet. However JIT later showed screenshots of the same video which makes clear the video is of high quality. It shows many details of the Buk including the parts of white paint not removed by Russia.

Yerlashova agrees to the remark by the interviewer Frigge that it is strange Ukraine as a suspect is part of the investigation team.

However Ukraine never was a suspect. Only in the mind of Kremlin, the media it controls and internet trolls Ukraine is a suspect.

Yelashova: “why would Russia provide it military radar data?”

To show its innocence! Mind JIT requested Russia to hand over radar data of a second radar station. Russia never responded to that request.

Yerlashova then says Russia provided evidence that the missile shown in the pressconference of JIT belonged to Ukraine.

However the evidence shown by Kremlin was faked. Would JIT really be so stupid to show a part of the missile which belonged to Ukraine suggesting the missile was actually used in the downing?


Our documentary is not propaganda, it is facts.

Nonsense. This is the eight blog showing all what Yerlashova and Van der Werff do is telling absolute nonsense.


Our “friends” on Twitter, on Internet said they are going to find all kind of lies about it . It is been four months . Not a single fact was discredited. They tried to discredit our audio expert. They failed.

LOL. This is the eight blog showing all what Yerlashova and Van der Werff do is telling absolute nonsense.


media (in the Netherlands) is controled

What a nonsense.



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