You have been Bonanzaed #6: Nonsense by Yana Yerlashova at the MH17 truthers conference

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In a serie of blogposts I will show how Yana Yerlashova, a former Kremlin funded RT journalist, and  Dutch blogger Max van der Werff present all kind of nonsense on MH17 with the intention to spread disinformation. They use their company or label Bonanza Media for this. Hence the ‘You have been Bonanzaed’ like in ‘You have been fooled’. This is example 6.  The whole serie of examples of nonsense by this duo can be read here.

Yana Yerlashova is a former Kremlin funded RT journalist. She left RT to work on a documentary she made with Dutch blogger Max van der Werff. A remarkable step for a Russian journalist to quit a wellpaid job at RT and become selfemployed. The motivation to leave was according Yerlashova that she wanted to get rid of any label.

She failed!

Yerlashova was responsible for a lot of disinformation when she worked for RT and her disinformation continued in the documentary she made with Max van der Werff.

Yerlashova was present at a MH17 conference which was held in August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. The conference was organized by two local NGO’s and a Canadian organization known for spreading pro Kremlin stories and conspiracy theories about MH17.  An overview of what nonsense was told can be read here.

The documentary of Yerlashova was shown during the conference and Yerlashova made comments afterwards. These comments had a lot of nonsense, lies and disinformation. Listen to the talk of Yerlashova before the screening of the documentary. After the screening she answered questions.

She calls Max van der Werff an ‘investigative journalist’. The usage of the term journalist suggest some sort of professionalism. That is not the case. The documentary contains a lot of nonsense and factual incorrect statements. I published many blogs showing the documentary contains disinformation.

A few minutes later Yerlashova states “with people like Max it is all up to the facts”. Clearly  nonsense. She said they really wanted to avoid speculating. She mentions the name of the documentary “call for justice”. Justice is lacking in this case (the official investigation).  Nonsense.

Max and Yana say they  do not not what happened. “if the official investigation had been done by the books we would have known by now what happened”.

The investigations by DSB and JIT make clear that a Buk missile was launched from rebel controller area south of Snizhne. The missile destroyed the aircraft. All other scenario’s were ruled out. JIT concluded a Buk Telar which belonged to the Russian army crossed the Russian/Ukraine border , was transported to a field south of Snizhne and launched the deadly missile. Three citizens of Russia and an Ukraine citizen are suspected for assisting the transport of the Buk Telar.

Yerlashova” It has been 5 years and we still do not have answers. It is unacceptable as so many people died to make it political.”

Absolute nonsense.

Yerlashova stated the telephone taps were edited.

She based her statement on the research done by the Malaysian man which Van der Werff and Yerlashova call an expert. I will report later about this report.

I have a lot of questions to JIT but the refuse an interview. So there is so much secrecy.

So because JIT does not want to cooperate, which is fully understandable as Yerlashova and Van der Werff are spreading disinformation, Yerlashova believes “there is secrecy”.

10:47 All we try to do in the documentary is talk about facts

Nonsense. I published many blogs showing the documentary contains disinformation.

12:20 “something is wrong with this investigation. It was not done by the books. Starting from DSB and moving on to JIT”

Nonsense. Yerlashova tries to discredit both investigations.

Yerlashova: “I was a witness of Dutch lawyers who were involved in MH17 being silenced. We could not talk to them anymore. And the German lawyer Giemulla confirmed he had to same experiece. They would not stay in touch. It is all secretative.”

Very silly. In this blogpost I showed Yerlashova/Van der Werff stated that their work was obstructed by the Dutch secret service. Nonsense. Two gentlemen were sent by Dutch lawyer Bob van der Goen to a meeting with Yerlashova. They made clear Van der Goen does not want an interview to be published. He just does not want to be associated with her.

Yerlashova: “The part we found was never placed on the layout of the plane. And it is rule number one in any investigation. You make the most complete layout of the plane you can. It seems here a lot of rules were broken. Yerlashova tells the JIT said it did not need more wreckage and satellite photos. I can not tell you for what reason. That could be speculation.”

Yerlashova made THREE documentaries on MH17. Max van der Werff spent thousands of hours on research. And both still are not aware that DSB stated it only required the wreckage of the cockpit and the first part of the businessclass for the reconstruction. The other parts of the aircraft do not contain any information to determine the cause of the crash.

The part that Yerlashova “found” was not found. Yerlashova took it from a place where recovered wreckage was stored and pretended it was found. The mayor who was called by Yerlashova to come to the place where the wreckage was “found” refused to cooperate with the staging. He was later fired.

The parts were collected by DSB.  The Dutch Safety Board wrote in the final report presented to the public at October 13 2015 about the wreckage found by RT:

These pieces of wreckage came from the upper left side of the cockpit. Two of these pieces were received in Ukraine on 30 September 2015 and the last piece was received on 3 October 2015. On 8 October these three pieces arrived at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. The Dutch Safety Board has assessed these pieces in the same manner as all the other pieces of wreckage.

Obviously as the first two pieces were received in Ukraine on September 30, it is impossible for DSB to investigate these in time for the final report.  DSB showed the piece of wreckage found by Yerlashova  to the press at October 13, 2015 as proven by the image.

Yerlashova: “Why was I as a journalist to come to the crashsite first and the Dutch came there only four months after the crash. Why Malaysian team was able to be there a few days after the crash. Why were they able to negotiate everything with the rebels to make an agreement to collect the black boxes.”

The Dutch were not able to collect the wreckage earlier because fighting continued after the crash for weeks. Also the Dutch did not want to directly negotiate with the separatists (yes, the separatists demanded conditions for the recovery). The OSCE did the negotations on behalf of the Dutch.

The Malaysian team went in civilian cloths to collect the black boxes. They were able to negotiate because the good connections of PM Razak of Malaysia and because Malaysia was willing to accept the Donetsk People Republic.

at 16:24 Yerlashova continues to say that the Dutch ignored Malaysia in investigation the black boxes. She states the remark of Mahathir that Malaysia could have invited experts.

She was interrupted by the former director-general of the department of Civil Aviation Authority ( previously known as the Department of Civil Aviation) in Malaysia, Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abd Rahman who was an attendee of the conference. He told Malaysia was offered the lead in the technical investigation. As Malaysia was busy investigation MH370 they turned down the offer.

At 22:58 Yerlashova stated “when I recovered this part of cockpit, DSB was still making a report and they never placed it on the plane (the reconstruction) .”

Yerlashova for the first itme showed this part to the rest of the world on RT on July 17, 2015 in the documentary she made  called ‘MH17: A Year Without Truth’.  Early August 2015 DSB stated the organization wanted to collect this part.

Yerlashova made an incorrect statement. She “found” the wreckage around June or July 2015. At that time DSB was not aware of the finding. Only after showing the documentary at July 17, 2015 DSB was aware of the finding of the wreckage.

DSB in the ‘mh17-crash-appendixes.pdf’ document writes that the Draft Final Report was sent to parties for review. So DSB contrary to what Yerlashova stated was not making a report. The report was ready.

Yana Yerlashova did not respond to a request for comment.

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