You have been Bonanzaed #4: Malaysian journalist supporter of Russian media

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In a serie of blogposts I will show how Yana Yerlashova, a former Kremlin funded RT journalist, and  Dutch blogger Max van der Werff present all kind of nonsense on MH17 with the intention to spread disinformation. They use their company or label Bonanza Media for this. Hence the ‘You have been Bonanzaed’ like in ‘You have been fooled’. This is example 4.  The whole serie of examples of nonsense by this duo can be read here.

At 8:30 into the documentary a Malaysian journalist named Jonathan Edward can be heard and seen. He mentions the Russian story that the serialnumber shown by JIT at a pressconference belonged to a missile which was exported to Ukraine and never left the country. Suggesting Ukraine is responsible for the downing. Edward is shown in the documentary  doing interviews with Malaysian people. All the people interviewed by him seem to be critical towards the investigation. Edward states the investigation should have been done by an independent country. Suggesting JIT is not independent.

Lets have a closer look at this journalist Jonathan Edward. It is remarkable Edward was featured in the documentary. He only wrote a single article on MH17 during his career. The article was published in July 2015. At that time there was hardly any public information on MH17 available. So based on what authority he was asked to show up in the documentary?

Edward was a regular contributor to , a Malaysian newspaper.  He started to work here in May 2015. He left the newspaper in  May 2018 for Al Jazeera.  He wrote a single piece for Al Jazeera.  According his Linkedin profile  Edward started to work  for Chinese newsagency  Xinhua in October 2018. His last piece for Xinhua is dated July 2019.

In May 2019, he took part in a joint project of Rossotrudnichestvo and the international news agency Sputnik called Sputnik World. Rossotrudnichestvo  is a Russian government agency under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rossotrudnichestvo plays an active political role in Russia’s foreign policy by consolidating the activities of pro-Russian players in the post-Soviet region and in disseminating the Kremlin’s narrative. Part of that same role are Kremlin funded media as RT, Sputnik and RIA.

During  the Sputnik World workshop in Moscow people from abroad learn about journalism. Edward is telling about his experience in this video. He was the only participant from Malaysia. At the website of Rossotrudnichestvo , Edward is quoted:

“I saw that Russian media have high professional standards. Journalists are doing their best to cover stories accurately and keep a neutral position”

Everyone who knows a bit about reporting standards by Sputnik and RT knows better…



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