You have been Bonanzaed #2: talking about military radar

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In a serie of blogposts I will show how Yana Yerlashova, a former Kremlin funded RT journalist, and  Dutch blogger Max van der Werff present all kind of nonsense on MH17 with the intention to spread disinformation.

They use their company or label Bonanza Media for this. Hence the ‘You have been Bonanzaed’ like in ‘You have been fooled’.This is example 2.  The whole serie can be read here.

The last item in the documentary shows , Jevgenij Volkov,  a military air traffic controller of the Ukraine armed forces . He was interviewed by a Dutch citizen journalist named Stefan Beck. Beck went with Michel Spekkers, another citizen journalist, in January 2017 to Eastern Ukraine and had a meeting with Graham Phillips. Phillips makes pro Russia and pro separatists videos.

Yerlashova in the voice over of this part of the documentary stated.  “Jevgenij Volkov stated that Kiev had misinformed the investigation about the military radar not working on the day of the crash. ”

That is a lie. There are two investigations. The public including Volkov and Yerlashova do not know what Kiev told the investigators of the Joint Investigation Team. JIT does not releases reports about all the evidence they have.

The other investigation was lead by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB). DSB published a final report and released it to the public. In the final reports both civil and  the military primary radar stations were not operational. The reason provided by Ukraine is that no military aircraft were active in the sector where MH17 crashed.

The radar stations Jevgenij Volkov talks about are for air defense. These are all used to detect incoming hostile aircraft and missiles so these can be attacked using surface to air missiles. These are not for guiding military aircraft.

The final report mentions that primary radarstations used by the civil air traffic control organization UkSATSE was not available at the moment of the crash due to maintenance. That was incomplete information provided by Kiev. Kiev failed to mention to DSB, and DSB failed to investigate, that one of the primary radar stations (located in Artyomovsk) had been destroyed a few weeks ago by likely separatists.

In this blogpost written in Dutch I explained that Jevgenij Volkov is not aware of the radar stations used by the civil air traffic control organization. The military uses other stations. That is obviously as the military radar is used to defend the airspace.

Stefan Beck is fully aware of my blogpost. Yet he decided to cooperate with Yerlashova and Van der Werff and failed to mention that this Jevgenij Volkov is talking about military radars. The DSB only mentioned civil radar stations.

Updated: adjust the text saying DSB final report did not mention military primary radar were not operational.

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