Will Dutch Ministry use last day before deadline expires to publish MH17 documents ?

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Update: Rechtbank Midden Nederland called me on Monday August 29. They received the documents part of the WOB-request. On Friday late afternoon the documents were handed over.

So Dutch Ministry of Justice used the last day before the deadline expired to sent documents.

Pieter Klein of RTL confirmed the handover of documents in a Tweet. End of next week the media will report about the corrected MH17 documents.





Dutch media RTL, Volkskrant and NOS went to Dutch court to force Ministry of Justice to release documents on MH17. The request for documents by the media based on the Freedom of Information act (WOB) started October 30 2014!

Dutch State and Ministry of Justice severall times delayed and frustrated  this request. When they finally submitted information a lot of information was censored. In a courtcase the judge demanded Ministry of Justice  to publish the documents again now with a good motivation for censoring and otherwise they should censor only relevant information according legal rules for WOB-requests.

Today, August 26 is the deadline for the Ministry to make public the requested documents. The spokeswoman of the Utrecht court could not tell me the status. Spokesman Edmond Messchaert of the Ministry of Justice told me staff is working on this case and he believes the documents will be released on the WOB-website.

So Dutch government which wants us to believe they are transparant are using the last day before the deadline expires  to release documents which were requested in October 2014. If they release today!


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4 Comments on Will Dutch Ministry use last day before deadline expires to publish MH17 documents ?

  1. Liane Theuer // August 29, 2016 at 10:20 am // Reply

    Any update ???

    • No news. Dutch Ministry of Justice has a new spokesman starting today. No response yet. Dutch courthouse cannot be reached for comment at the moment. I will find out sooner or later.

  2. Any news about the new “less” censored documents?

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