What weapon was used to down MH17?

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The cause of the crash of MH17 was not because of crew error, structural damage to the aircraft or weather.

MH17 was either shot at by an aircraft or shot down by a missile. This post will discuss both options.

If it was an aircraft it could be:

  • an aircraft from the Ukraine Air Force. The Ukraine Air Force controlled the airspace above East Ukraine. Russia claims this was the case.
  • an aircraft belonging to the Russian Air Force. Very unlikely. Nobody claims this.

If MH17 was shot down by a missile:

  • it could be a missile launched by the Ukraine Army. By mistake or on purpose. SA-11 BUK, S-300 or S-400
  • it could be a missile launched by rebels. Could only be a BUK SA-11 being the most easy to operate of possible weapon systems. The BUK was either stolen from Ukraine army or supplied by Russia.
  • it could be  a missle launched by Russia. Either in East Ukraine or from Russian territory. Possible weapons BUK SA-11, S-300 or S-400.

The size of the shrapnel, bullets and chemicals found in bodies or debris could lead to the weapon. Also intel from US like satellite photos could prove weapon being used.

Soon to be updated with details on weapons.!

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1 Comment on What weapon was used to down MH17?

  1. The explosive power of the weapon ripped cockpit to pieces.
    Here is good example of a piece that came down 10km before the rest of the plane body. Explosion has ripped the enforced titanium structure, ~1cm thick titanium beams are broken to pieces by the force of the warhead explosion.

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