What news to expect by JIT?

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Would the Joint Investigation Team make public any information on the criminal investigation into the individuals who are responsible for downing of MH17 in 2017?

I do not think so!

The JIT agreement ends early 2018. Untill then besides a single e-zine to be released after summer no news. Th e-zine will mention that Russia still did not hand over the radar info of the second radar.

In early 2018 JIT will make public the investigation has been closed. No more details than that. The file is handed over to various public prosecution services of the Netherlands and Ukraine. These have to decide on the court case(hybrid, domestic law).

In 2018 no futher news. Maybe some news in 2019. Dutch prosecutor will make public there is not enough evidence to start a court case as names and motive of suspects are not clear.

In the meanwhile Russian Federation and Ukraine were not sued by the Dutch state.

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