What could be reason for illogical route of BUK transport ?

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The BUK TELAR transported on a lowloader by a Volvo truck took an illogical route from the Russian border via Donetsk and then back to Pervomaisk.

After the launch of the missile the BUK TELAR was loaded on the lowloader and took an illogical route via Luhansk back to Russia.

The route taken is not the shortest. What could be the reason for the detour? It is not known, at least not to the public.

A reason could be this route was to avoid obstacles like narrow bridges, weight restricted bridges, low hanging gas pipes or a low road bridge.

This photo shows an example of a gaspipe crossing the road near Makeyevka on the road where the truck was spotted by a Digital Globe satellite. The pipe is at 5 meters height. The BUK TELAR on lowloader including missiles is around 4,60 – 4,70 meters in height.




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6 Comments on What could be reason for illogical route of BUK transport ?

  1. sotilaspassi // October 28, 2016 at 7:28 am // Reply

    to Snizhne via Donetsk:
    -final location was not desided when BUK came to UA?
    -missiles were loaded in Donetsk?
    -to make it look like captured from Donetsk BUK base?

    to RU via Luhansk:
    -I have no good answer
    -proven route with previous transports?
    -familiar route for driver?
    -plan B to mix the RU BUK with BUK HW in Luhansk?
    -BUK was first planned to be hidden in Luhansk?

    • Height of the BUK on the lowloader is 4.70 meters without missiles but with the range camera and rear grab bars, and 4.95 meters with missile loaded.

      Ukrainian BUK missiles inside their cases and loaded on transport trucks appear to have been left at A-1428 in Spartak when the base was captured. They are clearly visible in pictures of the base from the after-action period in winter 2014/2015.

      • sotilaspassi // December 12, 2016 at 8:59 am // Reply

        Yep. I have seen those cases in rebel photos.

        “BUK missiles inside their cases”
        It does not make sense that UA left behind full missile cases.
        In theory it is possible, but IMO, unlikely.

        +I wonder if UA missiles are programmed/locked to work only on UA TELARs. But surely RU was capable to help to unlock them.

  2. It seems like THIS Buk was not intended to be sent to Pervomaiske (near Snizhne). Likely another Buk should be sent over there, but something went wrong with its delivery, so Khmury decided to send this one instead.

    By the way, here at the very end https://youtu.be/94LF4sg14Zc?t=1m4s Khmury said to Sanych: “If this is what I am thinking I will shot you down.”

    • In the Russian original: “Если это то, что я думаю, я тебя пристрелю.” So Khmury threatened (likely as a joke) to kill Sanych for his proposed delivery of some (presumably anti-aircraft) hardware to near Marinovka, in case this was what Khmury could not voice over the phone. But right before this Khmury openly mentioned some Buk he expected tomorrow.

  3. It is helpful that Slozhny pointed out at this recording of 16 July. It does not fit the conversation of the same men, Khmuryi and Sanych, allegedly recorded on 17 July, at 9:23 am (see SBU’s Youtube video published on 18 July). In the evening of 16 July, Khmuryi is upset and worried because of frequent attacks of Ukrainian “Sushkas”, he is anxious to receive a Buk next morning. Sanych, in his remarks, is full of sympathy and support. However, next morning, Khmuryi tells Sanych as a matter of fact: “with yours [vehicles??] mine [feminine pronoun in Russian] this [masculine pronoun in Russian] Buk-M will travel, [it] came [the masculine form of the verb] on a lowloader, it [masculine pronoun] on a lowloader, where to drive it [feminine pronoun] in order to put into the convoy?” Sanych replies as a matter of fact: “behind Motel”. No reaction by Sanych, no emotions whatsoever. Both, Khmuryi and Sanych, talk as if they talk about something ordinary. Given their emotional conversation in the evening of 16 July, the matter-of-fact tone of their dialogue in the morning of 17 July (according to SBU) is highly unnatural. In addition, Khmuryi’s words about Buk-M and the lowloader sound not as clear as all his other words. I guess SBU inserted those words – about Buk and the lowloader – into a conversation about something ordinary. All those recordings, presented by SBU on 18 July, were intended as an “audio support” for the story of Buk transported from Donetsk to Snizhne and then to Pervomaiske.

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