Western media cannot be trusted either !

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On MH17 news we have seen a lot of comment by Western media saying that Russian media are all Putin controlled and cannot be trusted. Well, there is certainly truth in that. However, this does not mean the Western media are doing a balanced reporting and stick to the facts. Far from that. I have made a couple of posts in the past showing the bias of Western media.

This is just another recent example of bias and fake news by Western press. In this case by English newspaper The Guardian. Journalist Ben Jacobs wrote an article about Julian Assange. He based his article on an interview by Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi  .

However Ben Jacobs wrote a couple of wrong quotes which were supposed to be said by Assange. In fact Assange did not say this.

This is not an error but a deliberate attempt by Guardian to frame Assange as a Putin fanboy.

Glenn Greenwald, a former Guardian journalist, exposed Jacobs and Guardian in this article.

5 days later the Guardian amended:

  • This article was amended on 29 December to remove a sentence in which it was asserted that Assange “has long had a close relationship with the Putin regime”. A sentence was also amended which paraphrased the interview, suggesting Assange said “there was no need for Wikileaks to undertake a whistleblowing role in Russia because of the open and competitive debate he claimed exists there”. It has been amended to more directly describe the question Assange was responding to when he spoke of Russia’s “many vibrant publications”.

Despite many attempts for comment, Ben Jacobs never responded to requests to explain the wrong quotes.

Also Washington Post made a mistake. They stated Russian hackers are responsible for hacking into a US Electric Grid. However only one laptop, not connected to the grid, was effected. Read this excellent piece by Glenn Greenwald.

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  1. “5 days later the Guardian amended” – That is difference between the West and Russia. Russian media will never amend anything. Even now after 2.5 years you will be able the same unamended blatant lies to the viewers.

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