Russian Ministry of Defense pressconference on MH17 Monday afternoon

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According a Tweet of Russian photographer Vasily Maximov,  Russian Ministry of Defense will have a press conference on Monday afternoon on MH17.

The press conference will be at 15:00 Moscow time which is 14:00 Amsterdam time or 13:00 London time.

Dutch book writer Pieter Waterdrinker got a phonecall from Russian MoD to attend the pressconference. (source)

Also one of my sources confirmed the press conference.

The Joint Investigation Team will make public the exact type of weapon which was used to down MH17 as well as the exact launch location. The JIT press conference is at Wednesday September 28.

The last days there was a lot of attention by Sputnik, Russia Today and other Kremlin controled press on MH17. All articles stated JIT was baised. Also the reports by Bellingcat were heavily criticized. However all arguments used by Russian press were lies and complete nonsense.

At October 13 2015 we saw the exact type of reaction by Russia. Almaz Antey had a press conference a few hours before Dutch Safety Board presented the final report on MH17 to the world press.

Last week Russia announced it was ready to hand over the raw primary radar recordings to the Dutch investigation team.

In this post I predicted Russia would object to the conclusions of the Joint Investigation Team. The post includes some of the statements which are likely to be made on the pressconference on Monday.

This article published by at Sunday evening migth provide some indication about what a possible Russian MoD pressconference will make public. The article is about the type of radar of which raw primary radar recordings were found by a Russian company. The article mentions this specific radar Utes-T can detect a BUK missile. “Utes-Т radar can see metal parts >5sq/m at distance 360 km. Buk missile has surface >7sq/m”

So, here we go, my 2 cents for a possible pressconference: Russia will show the radar images recorded by a Utes-T radarstation which shows the track of a BUK missile launched from Ukraine controlled territory. Russia will tell the world they believe JIT is not independant and Russia doubts the technical knowhow on the investigation team.

I would not be surprised if the story of Resch, the German private detective, will be told as well.

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8 Comments on Russian Ministry of Defense pressconference on MH17 Monday afternoon

  1. Ernst Vondelaar // September 25, 2016 at 6:27 pm // Reply

    Our Dutch government refuses to do anything that could be constructed as interference with the investigation. Meanwhile, the Russian government has no qualms with interferring with the investigation big time, over and over again, in very dubious ways. I don’t get it why some people still believe Russia has nothing to hide and it is all a “conspiracy by the West”. The Russian actions bespeak differently. Look at the whole Russian propaganda war of the past two weeks by Putin mouthpieces like RT and Sputnik in the lead to Sep 28. That tells you something.

    • Wind Tunnel Man // September 25, 2016 at 8:27 pm // Reply

      Ernst Vondelaar:

      “The board [DSB] does not have the authority to apportion blame, under the rules governing international crash investigations. But speaking to reporters after the news conference, Mr Joustra said pro-Russian rebels were in charge of the area from where the missile that hit MH17 had been fired.” – BBC News 13 October 2015.

      What was the Dutch government’s reaction to Mr.Jousha’s comment to the press where an inference of blame might have been made?

      • Wind Tunnel Man // September 25, 2016 at 11:57 pm // Reply

        The only official reaction that I can find from the Dutch and that is confined to the final DSB report is: “Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte urged Russia to co-operate in the investigation, saying the priority now is to find and pursue those who are responsible” – also from BBC News 13 October 2015.

        If there was no official comment with reference to the board president Djibbe Joustra’s remark to the press then that must imply the Dutch government’s willingness to allow his remark to influence public opinion.

  2. What I expect to see…

    RU MOD lied about radar (and a lot of other details) in their press conference in July 2014.
    I expect today’s press conference to be similar, more lies on top of previous lies.

    During the previous 12months I’ve been in discussions with person who insisted he has Rostov primary radar data, but that he is not able to release it until the tracks to the origin of the data is removed from data etc.
    From that and other discussions it became clear to me that fake data (or data modification) is being worked on.

    The release of the fake data via A-A makes sense. A-A has the know how to verify/correct the altered data to match ATC standards. A-A’s numerous lies also prove they do not hesitate to do all they can to lie to save Russian air defense business.

    I also expect that the helicopter we saw in RU MOD video is not there anymore in today’s release.
    RU MOD pointed out the MH17 light debris and said it is a (SU25) fighter jet. Now they possibly have added some radar mark to show the “SU25” plane or alternatively they have added a blink of something to back up A-A lies of BUK launch from the impossible Zarohenskoe direction, where no-one’s air defense unit existed (according to eyewitness), from where BUK launch never happened (according to eyewitness), from where BUK warhead detonation can not cause the seen damage (fragments from left to right), where BUK guidance would not direct the missile to cockpit (center of radar echo is more towards aft), where secondary fragment dense cone do not hit left side engine and from where the proximity fuse is definite to cause damage to the right side of the target…

    Visually identical vs rebel BUK launcher seems to still be listed as active A-A products. I wonder if they take also it down from their website today.

    But let’s see.

    • So, the new radar data. (did not manage to see the first minutes, but…)

      Does not show any attack vs MH17. (=RU MOD lied about SU25)
      The object on RU side is said to be a small drone!!! (should we believe it)

      RU MOD say now BUK should be seen on radar, if it was shot by rebels, but not if it was shot by Ukraine (LOL!)

      IMO, the radar might confirm that BUK from ahead destroyed MH17.
      (The pieces in radar to NW direction from last FDR spot might be BUK pieces.)

      New data show the breakdown of MH17 in detail.

      • And surely the Orlan UAV was flying below clouds (solid cloud layer on the area, cloudbase ~1500m) ->no f.jets anywhere below clouds.

        Time to end my study, case seems wrapped up now from my side.

      • Wind Tunnel Man // September 26, 2016 at 1:43 pm // Reply

        “RU MOD say now BUK should be seen on radar, if it was shot by rebels, but not if it was shot by Ukraine…”

        Yes I also noted that – if the disintegration of MH17 was detected on radar down to a lower altitude then perhaps one would expect to see a SAM approaching from the south if they have the capability of detecting a SAM approaching from the east.

        However I’m sure that experts in the field of analyzing raw radar data will have opinions regarding that issue.

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