Ukraine will sent the final report to the Netherlands in May

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At April 11 Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios stated that Ukraine experts will sent the final report on the investigation of the shot down of MH17 to the Netherlands.

Initially the report was scheduled to be send to the Netherlands in November 2015.

However, on November 19, an attempt on Ruvin’s life took place in Kyiv. Ruvin is director of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. This agency for example did the calculation of where the missile was launched from. The Research Institute calculated the missile must have been launch from near Snizhne.

After a long-term rehabilitation period, Ruvin has finally commenced to his duties.

“The act will be signed and sent to the International Investigative Group in Holland in May, after one more investigation is carried out”, Matios added.

It is pretty remarkable that because Ruvin was not in the office, the final report was delayed by 6 months!

At November 24 the Dutch prosecutor issued a pressreport about an expert meeting. Experts from various countries went to the Netherlands to discuss the disaster during three weeks. So it is nonsense the report was finished in November as Ukraine press mentions (press release & press release in english)

Ruvin has been involved in many investigations. In 2011 Ruvin denied that the Siberia Airlines Tu154 was shot down by a Ukraine missile. It could be any missile he stated. (source)

Ruvin is said to be involved in smuggle of spare car parts.

It reminds me of an interview with Vasyl Vovk. Vovk was head of the investigation branch of Ukraine Secret Service SBU. He took also part in  the International Joint Investigations Team (JIT). He was later fired.

Vovk told Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta that Ukraine is leading the investigation, not the Netherlands. Ukraine has all the evidence,

“An important role in the examination was played by Ukrainian experts. They examined the nature of missile’s explosion, its ballistics, and they are making a report of the expert group. Ukraine is presented by the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations headed by Oleksandr Ruvin. As Afghanistan veteran, professional miner, and certified explosion engineer, he is making a report on the cause of explosion, missile’s trajectory, chemical analysis of metal,” Butusov added.“

“Ex-Chief of Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine Major-General
Vasyl Vovk: Anyone who says that the leading role in the investigation belongs to the Netherlands or to someone else, is not right. All the information – and it has accumulated a colossal array, and it is not yet fully worked out by us – is in the SBU, Ukraine.
To be honest, the closest to the investigation are the Netherlands and Ukraine. We are really doing the investigation.
Malaysia in the first stage was in general way affiliated with nearly one hundred percent with the Russian Federation. I’m not in a negative way about it to say, they can not trust the Ukraine, maybe they received one-sided information …”

More info on Ruvin




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18 Comments on Ukraine will sent the final report to the Netherlands in May

  1. You should ask JIT for a comment on this. Did you read all these nonsense on censornet too? First they said it was a Buk m1 and here they say it is a Buk m1-2. As I recall there was also a Ukrainian official who said Ukraine didn’t have any Buks. Maybe they realized it wasn’t very clever to speak about a Buk m1 in the first place.

  2. Today (11-04-2016) a man was arrested for assassination attempt. He shot Ruvin in the leg. The report was supposed to be sent in November. This means it was almost finished when Ruvin was shot in his leg. So why does it take until may to release the report.

    • That is a very good question! Hope it get answered in the future.

    • Liane Theuer // April 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm // Reply

      The mirror-link contains an interesting statement :

      „A report published in October last year said the jet was shot down by a Russian-built surface-to-air missile launched from eastern Ukraine.
      It made accusations of a cover-up are being made as the report highlights potential for a botched autopsy in which fragments of shrapnel were deliberately removed from the body of the pilot.
      By the time Dutch investigators – who were handling the investigation as 189 of the victims were Dutch – were granted access to the body of the pilot, the body had already “undergone an external and internal examination to remove foreign objects”.

      The Final Report doesn´t say it this way. They never spoke about a „cover-up“ or a „botched autopsy“.
      And the Final Report never mentioned „By the time Dutch investigators were granted access to the body of the pilot, the body had already “undergone an external and internal examination to remove foreign objects”.

      The Mirror makes this statement clearly related to Oleksandr Ruvin ! Coincidence ? Insider knowledge ?

      • On Oct 13, 2015, The Guardian also wrote about an autopsy (“bungled”) and cover-up. Next day, it published a correction, placing it at the very bottom of the article. This is the corrected version:
        The text of the Guardian correction:
        The subheading and text of this article were amended on 14 Oct 2015. An earlier version wrongly stated that a “bungled autopsy” had been carried out on the pilot of Malaysian airlines flight MH17. In fact, Dutch forensic scientists carried out the autopsy on the body and removed “foreign objects”. The error was due to a difference in translation between the Dutch and English versions of the Dutch Safety Board’s report into the disaster.

    • Liane Theuer // April 12, 2016 at 6:38 pm // Reply

      Related to the arrest the DailyMail wrote :

      „The attorney-general in Malaysia and legal authorities in other countries are trying to find the best way to take this to court,“ transport minister Liow Tiong Lai told reporters.
      Liow later told Reuters that the team had still not identified who to charge or what those charges might be.
      „We are operating on an assumption that there is a perpetrator that can be charged but by the time they are identified, we need to have a suitable avenue for a trial,“ Liow said.”

      DailyMail quote Liow Tiong Lai saying that the team had still not identified who to charge or what those charges might be.
      Mirror questioned the autopsy on the pilot of team A.
      Is there a rethink ? Will they not let get away the Ukrainians with all their lies ?

  3. > In 2011 Ruvin denied that the Siberia Airlines Tu154 was shot down by a Ukraine missile

    That man is a vehicle to turn a political agenda into an expert opinion. Under Yanukovich he played a role in the investigation that resulted in jailing Timoshenko and Lutsenko. Now the two are out of jail and close to the power circles, but the man is still at his place. How? Because he is just a useful guy to drive agenda through courts. He is nothing but a tool. I bet he has a massive mansion.

    • This guy is indeed very rich.
      This KNIISE director and his wife owned
      a vast property – two apartments in Kiev, the total area of 336 sq.m. (cost -. $ 786 thousand), 3-storey country house total area of 550 sq.m. and a plot of land measuring 0.5 hectares (about $ 1 million. 200 thousand.), apartments in Netanya (Israel) with total area of 150sq.m. ($ 640 thousand.), Apartments in Dubai (UAE) with a total area of 186 sq.m. ($ 380 thousand.).

      Impressive and vehicles, acquisition and maintenance, which can afford a modest Ukrainian official with a salary of 6,5 thousand hryvnia:. Jeep “Mercedes-the GL” jeep “Toyota-Lexus” jeep “Nissan-Infiniti” total cost of 430 thousand. Euro.

  4. The official mentioned by Rob is presidential advisor and former SBU head Ihor Smeshko, who said that the last Buk was sold to Georgia before MH17 was shot down. Even Bellingcat called it a lie. It takes one to know one.

    Some things bother me about the “assassination” attempt on Ruvin. First is the detail that he was shot 3 times in the leg. Or 2 times in the leg and once in the hip per one account. What hit man worth his pay shoots someone in the leg – 3 times! Isn’t it supposed to be 2 in the head and 1 in the chest, or vice versa?

    Second is the ongoing effort to hang the attempted assassination, if that is what it was, on Russia. Now they say they have arrested a suspect. The suspect is not identified and likely not Russian. Otherwise there would be big headlines.

    Third is the assumption that the assassination attempt was about MH17. It could have been, but Ruvin was investigating other things that some people in Ukraine didn’t want investigated, such as military setbacks in eastern Ukraine.

    It could have been an internal Ukrainian matter that provided a convenient excuse to make the Netherlands wait 6 more months for a report that isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

  5. (Primary) radar information cannot be trusted. It can be changed freely. Ukraine, the US and the RF waited for each other to fill in the best place from where the BUK in Snizhne was fired. In November 2015 the political situation was still unclear.

    So, it could be Ukraine was looking for a reason to hold on for a few months their own report. Meanwhile we know the US has chosen not to have radar information of the launch spot. Also the Russians apparently have no primary radar data left and do not believe in Snizhne. This is the chance for Ukraine. Ukraine has her hands free to retrieve some primary radar data definitely pointing to a separatist area within the 320 km2 launch area, earlier dictated to DSB:

    Radars possibly in use at the downing of flight MH17

  6. JustThinking // April 12, 2016 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Let’s see how this case developed. This case was puzzling me for awhile.
    1. Assassination.
    “Ruvin, Director of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise at the Ministry of Justice, received a gunshot wound to his legs and was hospitalized”
    Look at details of this shooting. If someone wanted to kill him, they would. But they were careful not to kill.

    2. “Initially the report was scheduled to be send to the Netherlands in November 2015”
    Only now, after long silence about this case, all of sudden: “law enforcers detained a direct executor who is reasonably suspected of having committed a premeditated murder attempt on director of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Sciences Oleksandr Ruvin”
    Then blame goes to usual suspect Russia:

    So it makes me think… Something clearly doesn’t add up.

  7. There’s a lack of agreement about whether Ruvin was shot Nov. 18th or Nov. 19th. I don’t know whether the exact date matters. It looks like it was the evening of Nov. 18th. The earliest media reports I’ve seen are dated Nov. 20th.

    Consider the domestic events Ruvin was investigating:
    1. The shooting at Maidan.
    2. The shoot down of the IL-76 at Luhansk with 49 soldiers killed.
    3. The military disaster at Ilovaisk where 350 or more Ukrainian soldiers were killed.
    4. The military disaster at Debaltseve that included major losses of human life and military equipment plus an embarrassing retreat for Ukraine’s army.

    Investigating events like these is a pretty sure way to make enemies in high places at Ukraine.

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