Ukraine prosecution service releases records of intercepted calls between two suspects in MH17 case

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First Deputy General Prosecutor Dmytro Storozhuk has told a Kiev briefing that the Joint Investigation Team is ready to ensure protection of all witnesses who can provide information on those involved in the destruction of the Malaysian Airlines passenger aircraft. Also, the PGO released audio recordings of conversations between the persons likely involved in the MH17 downing, an UNIAN news agency correspondent reports.

The telephone conversation were released by the JIT at September 28.

The telephone conversation was done between  Andrey Ivanovich Callsign “Orion” and Nikolay Fedorovich with the call sign “Delphi”.

According to Dmytro Storozhuk, these people have been partly identified but their identities are not verified.

Fragment 1:
– Hello!
– Yes, good afternoon.
– Andrey Ivanovich …
– Hello, Fyodor Nikolayevich
– This is Nikolai Fedorovich …
– Nikolai Fedorovich, glad to hear you.
– Well, how are things going? Are you ready to meet us?
– Are you coming here?
– Well, I`ve been thinking.
– I would not act so rashly.
– Really? You know, we have no place for this …
– I can`t move now, I will have some work to do now. And there will be some work on us. I must say that … Remember, the statute says that the movement of a control point should not take place in the decisive moments of combat?

Fragment 2:
– How is the situation?
– Now the reports are incoming.
– Well, once all reports are in, call me. Then this, tell me, have you found this..
– Regarding the low-loader, yes, I`ve got everything agreed.
– Today, yes?
– Yes, yes, yes, at what time?
– The earlier the better. It needs to be loaded, disguised and taken away.

More info here. 

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10 Comments on Ukraine prosecution service releases records of intercepted calls between two suspects in MH17 case

  1. A video from the briefing (Storozhuk was speaking in Ukrainian):
    It’s not clear yet whether the conversations 2 and 3 published by the JIT are related to the delivery or evacuation of that exact Buk, or to other “vehicles” just as samples of Delfin’s and Orion’s voices.

  2. So many intercepts released on various tangential topics, yet unless I am mistaken from missing something, not a single intercept of communications ordering/authorizing a missile to be fired and reporting from the crew to the superior officer that the target was hit. Those would seem to be the most interesting.

    Perhaps they made such communications by smoke signals.

    • Would you expect a task force of Russian anti-aircraft missile troops in Donbass 15 km away from the border would use some military secure radio system or rather a mobile phone connected to Ukrainian GSM network for such communications with superior officers in Russia?

      • The answer is obvious, but it begs the question as to why there are so many supposed incriminating cell phone intercepts.

        • Because those soldiers of fortune used mobile phones for communications, and there were so many of those calls intercepted. The user НЕХОРОШИЙ who is believed by all pro-Russian supporters to be that Khmuryi, confirmed the audio on the Buk delivered for him was authentic:

          NO intercepts were labeled by him as forged.

          • I didn’t suggest a forgery. I suggested that it is ludicrous to posit that the firing and downing sequence was somehow not discussed and recorded, but everything else was.

          • Andrew, there is a little chance such intercepts are kept in secret for charging the Russian military with the crime in the future trial. But I am sure Russian special services deliberately let Ukrainian intelligence services know of delivery of the Buk to the area (and then back to Russia) by the “separatists”, but any info related to the firing and the crew of the Buk was considered strictly classified since the beginning. This suggests me that was a deliberate act of terrorism, so the West got the “right” message from Putin (“don’t oppose to me unless you wish further acts of terrors against your citizens”), but nothing will be established to the satisfaction of the court against the Russian military (Putin does not care if some “disappeared” “separatists” will be found guilty). As the consequences of that act the sanctions against Russia are kept minimal, no real pressure on it for the war and occupation, no real military aid granted to Ukraine, no counteractions in/for Syria etc. etc., and even the referendum in Netherlands as a bonus…

  3. Those so called intercepted phone calls are extremely questionable particularly because they came from the Ukrainian government. Furthermore, why would people whom obviously know each other would state their full names? It just doesn’t make sense to me. It reminds me of terror attacks where the criminals left their passport for all to see. I just don’t buy it. Also, why is it that they reported those phone calls but refused to report other calls aiming at Ukraine?

    Now they are calling for more witnesses who saw everything to call them but again refuses to accept the witnesses who claimed seeing Ukrainian jets flying at low altitudes until one aimed at MH17. So basically, if the witnesses stick with the JIT/Ukraine/US narrative, then they are accepted but anything else is ignored?

    This investigation stinks if you ask me.

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