Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs states “we had no info on SAM in East Ukraine”. However that is very unlikely

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Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin states in an interview with Dutch TV program EenVandaag: “Ukraine authorities were not aware of presence of modern warfare equipment in East Ukraine which could shot down passenger aircraft “. According to Klimkin “the disaster with MH17 came as a complete surprise” and “there  was no intelligence about such weaponary”

How likely is it Ukraine security services were not aware of presense of surface to air systems in Eastern Ukraine? It seems very unlikely.

At July 10 in an interview with Frankfurter Algemeine Klimkin talks about the separatists using anti aircraft missiles.

At July 15 Klimkin told CNN surface to air missile were entering East Ukraine from Russia. “And as you know, you can probably buy Kalashnikov in a kind of shop on the black market, but you can’t buy tanks or you can’t buy anti-air missiles there.”

Also at July 15 the Ukraine government states Russia is invading Ukriane using sophisticated military equipment.

At July 17 shortly before MH17 was shot down Andrei Lysenko, spokesman of the  National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said the separatists have a BUK surface to air system which is able to target aircraft flying at high altitude. Here is another article in Ukraine press about the statement. Lysenko states that a BUK seen in a video recorded in Luhansk.

Also at July 17 Die Zeit published an interview with Klimkin. He again states Russian surface to air weaponssystems are in use.



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3 Comments on Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs states “we had no info on SAM in East Ukraine”. However that is very unlikely

  1. Prosto Tak // April 18, 2015 at 9:55 pm // Reply

    Actually, Lysenko’s comment first appeared about 90 minutes AFTER MH17 was downed on July 17, 2014. As for Klimkin, he mentioned MANPADs and more sophisticated system available with the separatists making the able to down aircraft at about 6,000 meters, according to some accounts, or at 4,500 meters, according to other. Except for the separatists themselves, no one has mentioned them having BUKs before the MH17 downing.

    • The articles on Internet all have a timestamp around 18:00. However what Lysenko had said was most likely said before the shotdown of MH17. None of the articles mentions MH17.

  2. Isn’t there the famous video pre 7/17 of Sergei Kurginyan with Pavel Gubarev stating that Kurginyan had obtained electronics specialists to repair the BUK’s captured by the DNR/LNR rebels?

    I thought Ukraine had also stated that the rebels had captured BUK’s, but that they were rendered inoperable.

    Most of the BUK’s Ukraine had in the area appear to have been moved out in March 2014 by truck. Ukraine deployed them back to the theater of operations for air defense exercises on 7/16 and showed them on Ukrainian TV (this was also explained by the Russian Ministry of Defense). Apparently they believed that Russian planes had been used to shoot down at least one Ukrainian plane with AA missiles.

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