Ukraine foreign minister Klimkin: JIT investigation finished in spring 2017

epa04279803 Ukranian Foreign Minister Pawel Klimkin gives a press briefing at the end of a NATO Ukraine Foreign ministers council in Brussels, Belgium, 25 June 2014. Last developments in Iraq and Urkaine are the main topics of the meeting. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET
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Ukraine press reports at October 28 that Foreign Minister Klimkin of Ukraine stated that the investigation into the downing of MH17 will be ready in spring 2017. Some sources mention June 2017 as date.

Ukriane reports.

“The investigation, I hope, next year maybe in the spring may be a little late to be completed, we will have the final results, now we have only an interim report,” said Klimkin on Thursday evening in the program “Levyy Bereg Sonya Koshkina” on “24 channel”.

According to him, the results of the investigation will depend upon which court will hear the case, an international Tribunal or one of the national courts of the countries relevant to the accident.

Wim de Bruin, spokesman of the Dutch Prosecution Service which is leading the investigation, could not comment on the news.

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