Ukraine failed to notify Eurocontrol of three non-operational radar stations

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Dutch The Post Online today reports that Eurocontrol has given information to the Dutch Parliament about the status of Ukraine radar. Ukraine air traffic control organization UkSATSE failed to inform Eurocontrol in summer 2014 about the non-operational status of three radar systems in Eastern Ukraine.

The response of Eurocontrol CEO Sultana is:

Were we aware of any issues in the eastern part of Ukrainian airspace, e.g. reduced capacities etc. due to radar interference or other such events.

Sultana: “I can confirm that we did not receive any such information.”

By law states are required to notify status of radar and other aviation related aids to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation.

Eurocontrol CEO Sultana also writes to the Parliament that  Srilankan Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines System, Thomson Airways LTD, British Airways, Kharkiv Airlines, Pegasus and Finnair since June 2014  did not use East Ukraine airspace. Also Qantas stopped flying over East Ukraine .

Already end of 2015 this website reported about the status of one of the radar stations. In June 2014 it was attacked by masked man who destroyed the radar. Likely the air traffic controller of Ukraine did not have primary radar for that reason.

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  1. Ukraine would have had primary radar – at least military installations – if only to detect any incursions from Russia in warzone.

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