Ukraine deputy minister “JIT evidence is enough to prosecute Russian military leaders for downing of MH17”

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In a TV program broadcasted at July 4, 2018  Sergei Petukhov, Ukraine Deputy Minister for European Integration at Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, stated that the Joint Investigation Team has enough evidence which proves Russian military leaders as well as Russian civilians are responsible for the downing of MH17. Ukraine reports here. The same article in english language here.

Petukhov repeated his words said on television on his personal Facebook site.

Petukhov also stressed the importance the Ukraine parliament  Verkhovna Rada ratifies an agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands. On Monday president Poroshenko also stressed the importance of ratification by the Ukraine parliament of the agreement. This agreement enables Dutch court to prosecute Ukraine suspects and hear them using a video link. Ukraine suspects by constitution cannot be extradicted.

Earlier in June the Dutch parliament ratified the Ukraine-the Netherlands agreement.



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