Ukraine army general sentenced to 7 years in jail for sending 49 troops to death in a plane, hit by separatists

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At March 27 2017 an Ukraine court sentenced an Ukraine army major general named Nazarov to seven years in prison under article 425 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, as reported by Ukraine . Under his command an IL76 was sent to Luhansk wirh 40 troops and 9 crewmembers on board. The aircraft was shot down using MANPADS by separatists shortly before landing at Luhansk airport. All people on board were killed.

Major General Viktor Nazarov, was the commander the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) staff at the moment of the tragedy. Source

Nazarov was found guilty for negligence.

The commission that has carried out a complex military-tactical criminalistic analysis concluded that Nazarov was the one directly obliged to take measures to suppress the air defense of terrorists and ensure a safe passage of Il-76 over enemy-controlled Luhansk on June 14, 2014.

The investigators have questioned 132 witnesses and conducted 112 examinations.

This court case is remarkable as nobody of the Ukraine air traffic control has been punished for not closing the airspace. As a result MH17 was shot down and 298 people were killed.

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