Ukraine application to International Court of Justice suggests proxies shot down MH17

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Ukraine filed a case against the Russian Federation at January 16 2017. One of the accusations is that Russia supplied separatists equipment to perform deadly attacks to civilians. As a result MH17 was shot down.

The full application can be read here.

The text in the application makes clear  Ukraine is convinced Russia supplied the BUK which was used to shot down MH17.  However who shot down MH17 is unclear. Several words are used in the application:

“Russian proxies shot down” 

“the attack on MH17 was carried out by elements of the DPR” 


“their proxies”


“During the night of 16–17 July 2014, Russian agents clandestinely transported the Buk system and its crew from the territory of the Russian Federation into Ukraine in Luhansk oblast”

Below some parts of the application specific for MH17.

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