Ukraine ambassador to the Netherlands: DSB did request Ukraine to hand over primary radar

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As already stated by this blog, and now confirmed by the Ukraine ambassador to the Netherlands: DSB did request Ukraine air traffic control for primary radar recordings.


Earlier today Dutch press reported that a former state secretary of Transport had said that DSB never requested primary radar recordings.

The Ukraine ambassador  stated in the afternoon of February 3, 2016 to Dutch news station RTL that the statements of mister Vladimir Shulmeister were incorrect. Maybe because of a misunderstanding.

The ambassador stated that there are no primary radar recordings available: one radar station in Artyomovsk was destroyed, a second in Tsjoegoejev was under maintenance and a third did not have enough reach to spot MH17.


This blog already reported end of December 2015 that radar station Artyomovsk had been taken out of action at June 16 2014 by masked men.



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