Two days before restart of MH17 trial notorious Bonanza Media will present more desinformation

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Bonanza Media, the organization founded by former Kremlin financed RT journalist Yana Yerlashova will organize another pressconference on MH17. Like at the previous events nonsense, lies and desinformation will be presented on MH17. It is not a coincidence that this press conference will be at June 6, two days before the MH17 trial restarts. The experts who will participate in a panel discussion are well known conspiracy theorists. 

Bonanza Media produced a documentary on MH17 which was full of desinformation as this serie of blogposts shows. A previous pressconference in Scheveningen, just before the start of the trial, was mainly attended by Dutch conspiracy thinkers and some journalists representing Kremlin funded media.

The June 6 event was expected to happen. Blogger Max van der Werff, who is hired by Yerlashova as a freelancer, told that Bonanza Media has more leaked document and will present that in the near future.

Max van der Werff will not attend this pressconference according Elena Plotnikova who represents GRPP in the Netherlands.

So called experts will participate in a panel. These are Kees van der Pijl, Cees Hamelink, Piers Robinson, Eric van de Beek and Billy Six.  Remarkable enough in the invitation sent by the organizer Global Rights of Peaceful People the names of three guests are spelled incorrectly (van de Pijl, Hammelink and Erik van der Berg).

Update: June 3. In a later invitation the name of Piers Robinson disappeared from the lists of guests. The spelling of some names was adjusted but the name of Eric van de Beek was still spelled wrong.


Both Hamelink and Piers Robinson have not been active in the MH17 debat. Hamelink is not known for being a conspiracy thinker. However Robinson is very active in the debate on usage of chemical warware in Syria. He states for example the chemical attack in Douma was a false flag. Robinson is a notorious Assad apologist. Huffington Post wrote about him as follows “A controversial professor at the University of Sheffield who promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories and wrote papers that critics claimed “whitewashed” the war crimes of the Syrian government has left his post.”

Piers Robinson is not a professor anymore.

The other experts in the panel als well known notorious conspiracy theorists or are desinformation agents. Kees van der Pijl told a lot of nonsense about MH17 documented in many blogposts. In a Tweet van der Pijl wrote that “Israelies blew up the Twin Towers”

Billy Six filmed in an empty Berlin hospital suggesting the corona crisis is a hoax. German television ZDF debunked this. Billy Six filmed in a part of the hospital which was not used for treatment of corona patients.

He made a documentary on MH17 showing eyewitness telling nonsense. In his documentary he showed a DJ but presented him as an audio expert. Six interviewed Christopher Black who writes for GlobalResearch, one of the worst desinformation websites on this planet. Erik van de Beek, introduced in the invitation as an independent journalist is covering mainly conspiracy theories. He is a columnist for Kremlin funded Sputniknews. He is an author for Dutch ‘De andere krant’. Van de Beek is a defender of Kremlin narratives.

The June 6 event will be hosted  in Studio Weltschmerz in The Hague. This location is rented by Cafe Weltschmerz which is a notorious YouTube Channel spreading all kind of nonsense on topics like 5G, COVID-19 and MH17.

Duth people related to GRPP are described in this blogpost. 

Elena Plotnikova is organizing the event on behalf of GRPP. I asked her multiple times who is paying for all the costs.  She was not willing to anwer, stating I am not working for the Dutch Tax office. My emails to GRPP were not answered.



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  1. The misspelled names are exemplary for the “quality” of what these people bring forward. What they revealed thus far did not corroborate their alternative theories in any way; nor has it refuted what has been published officially. And then this press conference of today (6/6)… Really nothing new and painfully amateurish.

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