Three examples of how Russian intel services tried to mislead on MH17

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There are three known examples of how professionals tried to mislead publcic opinion and the investigation team into believing MH17 was not shot down but had a different cause.

  1. A bomb exploded in the cockpit
  2. Secret documents in mailbox German detective
  3. An threatening email sent to the investigation team

Bomb in the cockpit

Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reported about a report which was handed over to the Dutch Military Intelligence Service (MIVD). The report stated MH17 crashed because a bomb was placed in the cockpit.

Secret documents in mailbox German detective

In another attempt someone dropped some documents in the mailbox of German detective Resch. These documents indicate the Ukraine was behind the shot down. Telegraaf reported about this as well.

An email sent to the investigation team

At the end of February 2017, the investigation team received an email from an unknown person who said that he had very important information. This person called himself Volf and indicated that he represented an organisation called Jus Gentium. Jus Gentium is latin and means “international law”. In his email Volf writes that the Dutch investigation is not objective, that the Dutch and the JIT partners aim at hiding the truth and that he has important information which would reveal “the truth”. “The people have the right to hear that truth”.

Some of the pictures were not known to JIT, but they did not provide any new insights into the facts already known. This indicates this document was not made by someone just making a joke.

Investigation showed that Volf had used the mobile network of the Russian Federation for sending his messages.

JIT reported in May 2017  about this here.

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