The smoking gun! Minutes after downing MH17 separatist leader reported to Russian head of intelligence unit that a fighterjet was downed

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Minutes after a Buk missile exploded in front of the cockpit of flight MH17, killing all 298 persons on board, a now wanted separatists leader in an intercepted telephone call informed the head of a special Russian intelligence group operating in Eastern Ukraine  they just downed an Ukraine Su-25 fighterjet using a Buk anti-aircraft missile launcher. That day only one aircraft was downed in Eastern Ukraine. Soon it was found out it was flight MH17. 

This is a new smoking gun proving the separatists downed MH17 and Russia can be linked to the Buk missile launcher. Other evidence includes a phonecall made by a separatists press officer to a French photographer.

Leonid Volodymyrovych Kharchenko, an Ukraine citizen and known under the callsign ‘Krot’, is now wanted by the Dutch Public Prosection Service as suspect of murder of 298 persons. He and three Russian citizens are on a wanted list published at June 19, 2019. All four are held  responsible for organizing the transport and security of a Russian armed forces Buk Telar anti-aircraft missile launcher from Russia to a field controlled by separatists near Shinhne.  This Buk Telar at July 17, 2014 launched the deadly missile at the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.


According an indictment document , which was posted  on the Ukraine Secret Service (SBU) website,  Kharchenko at 16:48 on July 17, 2014 reported to Dubinsky, the head of the special Russian intelligence group in Eastern Ukraine,  “they are at the spot and have already downed one sushka“. Sushka is the nickname of a Sukhoi Su-25 fighterjet. The Su-25  was used by the Ukraine air force to bomb ground postions of the Russian backed separatists. It was a powerfull weapon as the separatists did not operate aircraft.

Sergey Dubinsky (callsign Khmury) was head of a special Russian intelligence service ( GRU DNR) which was formed in early July 2014 and was active in the proxy war in Eastern Ukraine. The unit  had around 300 men taking part in it. In the past Dubinsky served the Russian army in various conflicts like in Afghanistan. Bellingcat has more details (and here as well) on the role of Dubinsky regarding MH17.

Leonid Kharchenko (Krot)  has no military background. He received his orders directly from Dubinsky and in July 2014 he was commander of a combat unit in the Donetsk region. At that time, there was an armed conflict in that area between Russia backed separatists and Ukrainian armed forces.

The Bellingcat report ‘ a birdie is flying toward you‘ states Kharchenko was the garrison commander in his hometown Kostyantynivka. While Kharchenko is suspected by JIT for helping in the transport of the deadly Buk, the Bellingcat report shows he was also active in combat situations requesting artillery strikes to areas around Dibrivka, a village southeast of Snizhe and close to the border with Russia.  This is the same area where the Buk Telar launched the missile before being evacuated back to Russia.

Kharchenko can be heared here in this intercepted telephone conversation published by JIT. Kharchenko is indicated in the video by JIT as nickname ‘Lionia’. The conversation took place at 1:09pm on the day of the downing. Around 3 hours before the downing.

The words displayed in the white box in the video below are by Kharchenko (Lionia). Documents made public by Ukraine in the case against Russia at ICJ mentioned the same telephone conversation. However the callsign mentioned in that document are “Krot” (Mole) and “Zmey” (Serpant). Zmey is according Bellingcat likely separatist Oleg Anatolevich Sharpov.

The transcript of the conversation is shown below.

Liona: Yes, Oleg!
Oleg: Yes, Liona ! Listen, so, If I get this right, it is the last checkpoint leaving Snizhne before
Stepanivka… to the left. Is my sense of direction correct?
Liona: You have to go rightwards in Stepanivka and across the field to… what’s its fucking name…
right, fucking Snizhne.
Oleg: Yes.
Liona: So, go to Snizhne. I’ll give you further directions there.
Oleg: Got it. OK


This is a photo of the telephone tower to which one of the mobiles phones was connected to.


Other evidence for downing MH17 by separatists

There is a lot of evidence available which proofs the separatists shot down an aircraft in the later afternoon of July 17, 2014. The separatists initially believed the downed an Ukraine armed forces aircraft.

The press officer of the separatists called  French photographer Jerome Sessini minutes after separatists shot down what at that time was believed to be an Ukraine aircraft.

Soon after the separatists shot down what they believed was an Antonov transport aircraft Russian media started to report this victory. Like LifeNews. After it was clear a Boeing 777 passenger aircraft was downed LifeNews reported as if the Boeing was downed by Ukraine.

Russian state press agency Tass reported at July 17, 2014 at 18:01 Moscow time.

The militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have brought down a military transport Antonov-26 (An-26) plane of the Ukrainian Air Force on the outskirts of the town of Torez, eyewitnesses said.

A missile hit the An-26, it fell on the ground and caught blaze, they said.


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3 Comments on The smoking gun! Minutes after downing MH17 separatist leader reported to Russian head of intelligence unit that a fighterjet was downed

  1. The Ukrainians have a tendency to falsify the metadata of their intercepts.

    The conversation between Oleg and Liona probably relates to the Buk missing a crew member just before evacuating to Russia: (“A: Take him and bring in here, (expletive). I’ll be waiting for him in Snizhne near the petrol station.”) – ie after the downing of MH17.

    It isn’t really proof of anything when an aircraft crashes in a war zone people think they shot it down – if a meteorite had crashed to earth it would have generated the exact same chatter.

    This: ” Kharchenko at 16:48 on July 17, 2014 reported to Dubinsky, the head of the special Russian intelligence group in Eastern Ukraine, “they are at the spot and have already downed one sushka“” – even if the metadata is correct, most likely refers to the Su-25 downed the evening before (the one Ukraine pretends was downed by a Russian plane). If the Buk crew did shot down Mh17 they could never have thought it was an Su-25 because their radar gives an exact reading of the altitude

    • I have not seen any reliable proof for your first statement.
      And the explanation of yours is really utter nonsense. It all matches. The separatists needed a Buk, they got a Buk. The shot down a target but made a mistake. Called a French photographer. Chatted on the phone. Calle LifeNews and other Russia state media to brag about their downing.

      If the separatists/Russian army did no do it, there should be at least some reasonable evidence for Ukraine to blame. There is none. No single photo, video showing a Buk in an area close enough to down MH17.

      Kremlin also did not have to lie, change to story many times, block an UN tribunal if they are innocent.

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