The Netherlands retrieve Buk missile from Georgia for MH17 investigation

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Dutch newstation RTL Nieuws reported at October 17  2017 the Dutch criminal investigation team retrieved a BUK surface to air missile from Georgia in February 2017 . Purpose is to study and analyse the missile for evidence MH17 was shot down by this type of missile. The missile will not explode.

Dutch prosecutor requested Georgia in January 2016 to hand over a BUK missile. Georgia purchased BUK systems from Ukraine in 2006.

The type of missile delivered to the Netherlands is a 9M38M1

RTL Nieuws reports

On February 21st personnel of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service MIVD flew to Georgia in a Hercules owned by the Ministry of Defence. There a Buk missile was handed over to them by the authorities. The next day the cargo carrier flew back and delivered the missile on the military air base Gilze-Rijen.

Earlier the Joint Investigation Team contacted Finland to obtain information on the BUK system. Finland did an explosion of a BUK missile in a so called arena test. The arena test was likely performed in October 2015.

In July 2016 a similar arena test was performed in Ukraine. It is not known why this second arena test was done.

Sources reported to RTL Nieuws that the Buk missile will also be made available to the Ministry of Defence to gain an insight into the properties and effect of the missile. The Ministry of Defence examines to what extent the missile can be a threat to the new fighter jet JSF.


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