the Netherlands and Russia talked about MH17 in Munich

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Dutch Minister Blok met  Russian   minister Lavrov in the evening of February 15 in Munich. Both are attending the security meeting in Germany. MH17 was part of the talk.

On Saturday February 16, Jeroen Akkersmans of RTL Nieuws asked Blok about the meeting. Blok said:

“It was a very businesslike conversation, but I noticed a positive attitude.  We talked about MH17 and the wish of the Netherlands and Australia to start formal talks with the Russian Federation about their liability for the shooting of MH17. “Lavrov responded that this kind of conversation might be possible, and I found a positive attitude”. But we have not yet come closer together in terms of content.” No time limit has been set yet when the conversations have to start. (source RTL Nieuws)


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