The continuous fake news by Patrick Lancaster on MH17

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Patrick Lancaster is a US citizen who is active in Eastern Ukraine bringing news on what happens in this area. I avoid the word journalist here for a purpose.

Lancaster is the man who found bones at the burned field. He also finds wreckage parts of the aircraft. And suggests the wreckage parts are important pieces of evidence. Which is not.

I will show in a much longer blogpost to be published later that Lancaster tells continuously  fake news. The blogpost you are reading now will show just one example of fakenews by Lancaster.

At October 6, 2017 Lancaster publishes another MH17 related video on this Youtube channel. He reports from Donetsk where the Donetsk People Republic Public Prosecution Service hands over wreckage and bones to the Dutch authorities. The handover is organized by the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine.

We see Lancaster telling he is not allowed to film inside the hotelroom where the handover takes place. We see the title of his video report as ‘OSCE & JIT receive human remains & parts of MH17 in Secret’.  In secret. The first frame of his video say ‘Secret MH17 meeting’

Lancaster states he is not allowed to film in the room and states the handover should not be a secret.

In fact there is not a secret. Russian RT (formerly known as Russia Today) was allowed to film inside the room. Also Russia One has some video footage from inside the room.

Lancaster was probably not allowed to flim inside by either OSCE and/or the Dutch because of his notorious reputation.

Below the video made by Lancaster. Then the video made by RT. Last the Russia one piece.

Judge yourself.

When I asked Lancaster on Twitter why he me states the meeting was secret while RT and Russia One filmed inside the room, the response was.

While, here is another lie. Russia One showed the content of boxes, like the screenshot shows. The vidoe is at the end of this blogarticle.

The content of the boxes is no secret as Lancaster showed how the collected wreckage parts and bones.





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2 Comments on The continuous fake news by Patrick Lancaster on MH17

  1. Patrick Lancaster // October 10, 2017 at 8:29 am // Reply

    “I’m sorry, but we agreed without media. It’s strict condition”. You are the one showing the fake news. If you watched my video you would have seen at tinme 1:35 in my video a repersintitive from the meeting Stoped the Media from filming the opening of the boxes by saying “I’m sorry, but we agreed without media. It’s strict condition”. What was on the RT and Russian channel was before boxes were open. The actual turnover and inspection of the boxes was secret.

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