The constant nonsense Tweets on MH17 by Joost Niemoller

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Joost Niemoller is a former journalist who now writes articles on his own blog. He wrote a book on MH17 titled ‘MH17 de doofpotdeal’ . I did a review here.

Niemoller does not believe Russia shot down MH17. He believes an Ukraine fighterjet shot down MH17 even after Russia stated there were no aircraft close to MH17. Niemoller is one of the people who signed a letter addressed to Donald Trump requesting him for a new, independant investigation.

I wrote about a few other people who signed the letter in various posts. Peter Haisenko here, Kees van der Pijl here, and Karel van Wolferen here.

All these people tell complete nonsense. Anyone spending a few minutes on researching MH17 can find out.

Back to Joost Niemoller. At October 18 2017 he sent this Tweet. It says:

JIT first concludes it was a BUK, then finally starts to study how a BUK missile operates.

Niemoller responds to the news RTL Nieuws reported that Georgia supplied in February 2017 a BUK missile to Dutch investigation team.

This is really stupid. Niemoller as an author of a book on MH17, should know that:

  • Dutch Safety Board and JIT studied two BUK missiles handed over by Ukraine.
  • JIT did a so called arena test in Finland using a Finnish supplied missile in 2015
  • Finland supplied the Dutch prosecutor with information on the working of the BUK 
  • Ukraine did another arena test in Ukraine in 2016

The links providing more information are in this blogpost. 

More stupid remarks by Niemoller in this blog. 

At March 14, 2018 Joost Niemoller again Tweeted nonsense. Rudy Bouma, journalist of Dutch Nieuwsuur, wrote a story about a man called Carlos who pretended to be an air traffic controller at the time of the shot down of MH17.

Niemoller responded in a Tweet writing that the journalist did not include the statement by Russian RT that they deny Carlos was paid.

However the article clearly states that RT denies having paid Carlos. It shows Niemoller does not read.

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