Telegraaf newspaper interview with MH17 detective Resch

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The Netherlands largest newspaper Telegraaf published at Saturday June 25 an interview with German detective Resch. Resch was contacted by an unknown client to obtain information on who is responsible for downing MH17. The reward for information was 47 milion Euro’s. An unknown amount of money was indeed paid to someone delivering information. Here the long version of the interview.

One of the persons who contacted Resch was a Russian called Otto. Otto gave Resch documents. A couple of the documents are published on the Telegraaf website.

The interview with Resch in Telegraaf has the same information as published in the book of Resch titled ‘Gefahr is mein Beruf‘.

German police raided Resch house on March 15 2016. And the Dutch prosecutor requested the Swiss authorities to open a bank safe which was hired by Resch. During the raid on the house of Resch police found an invoice for the Swiss safe. This lead to the forced opening of the safe.

Dutch prosecutor confirmed the raiding of the Swiss bank safe.

Resch told Telegraaf the safe was empty except for a letter addresssed to the authorities. The letter said: “if you are looking for information, why don’t you just ask me”

Resch tells a lot of people contacted him with nonsense stories.

A couple of English people had a meeting with Resch but they showed videos already known on Internet. A Russian man called Otto had several documents. Otto told Resch he was member of a secret Russian operation in Ukraine which has the goal to join Ukraine to Russia. The organization has ties with the secret service, police and other authorities.

Otto has documents stating the at July 17 2014 two Ukraine fighterjets were flying close to MH17. They had an assignment to destroy the target. One of the Ukraine fighter pilots was later killed, the other fled according Resch. Witness of the secret operation would be killed. Resch told Telegraaf other sources indeed told him witness were killed. The mission was to shot down Putin’s plane. Resch does not believe the story and nor does his client. No reward was paid.

The fifth informant is more interesting. After a first meeting a second meeting is agreed in the house of Resch. The client and the informant went together to the library in Resch house to talk in private. Resch and his staff were in the room above and could heard what was said.

The informant got an unknown amount of money ans Resch was paid his commission.

Resch cannot tell what was said. Resch is confident he heard the truth. If he would reveal the truth it would be bad for stability in Europe.

The full story can be read here. Registration is free.

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7 Comments on Telegraaf newspaper interview with MH17 detective Resch

  1. Liane Theuer // June 25, 2016 at 8:10 am // Reply

    Admin wrote :
    – Resch told Telegraaf the safe was empty except for a letter addresssed to the authorities. The letter said: “if you are looking for information, why don’t you just ask me”

    In my comment June 8/2016 I mentioned an interview given by Resch before the safe was opened.
    Resch said : „If this deposit box will be opened, it will be very uncomfortable for someone. I know that. Very uncomfortable.“

    Did Resch refer to the letter mentioned above or has Resch lied to the Telegraaf ?
    Is Resch hoaxing the authorities ? Because he has said repeatedly that he will tell NOTHING to the authorities.
    Rather, I believe that all his public statements are subject to tactical considerations.

  2. yes, I think the same and resch is selling his book, no real intention to clarify anything.
    is there an english version of the interview?
    I suppose, the telegraaf didnt ask any new questions or insist on
    new answers?

  3. Hugh Eaven // June 25, 2016 at 10:48 am // Reply

    Some odd things:

    1. Resch doesn’t want to speak about the thing and yet keeps dropping various extremely tantalizing hints, designed to wet many appetites. Does he want to expose or hide the information, does he want safety or risk? It’s hard to understand this logic.

    2. One to me rather obvious possibility is not mentioned in the bits I’ve been reading. If this super informant is “probably” a pawn from a secret service or manipulative group, why not see the whole operation or at least the Swiss guy himself as such? This whole chess games seems to me a perfect way to collect and vet (or disperse) some information, relatively on the cheap. Especially if the last informant is working for the same agency or group as the Swiss. This way not much money is really spent and some narrative is left for Resch to leak any way he wants.

    Because of these two elements, Resch seems to me clearly playing or is being played. And he doesn’t seem to be seriously worried even at this stage about his of his family’s safety. Perhaps this was in the end all some operation “gathering and stove-piping” by one single group.

    • To me the stories surrounding Resch will not give us much in terms of scope for reliable deductions/conclusions. Just because there is a wild range of possible explanations for his behavior, like many here show. But the good thing about all of these stories is that they keep people interested in the subject. It’s like reading a detective novel.

  4. The main goal of this interview seems to be in these sentences: “Het zou de stabiliteit in Europa ernstig schaden en nog veel meer levens kosten. Het zal nooit aan het licht komen, wat er precies gebeurde. Mensen willen het ook niet weten.”
    These sound just like a message from Putin: “Let’s hush up this case, otherwise you get a war in Europe.”

  5. The pictures of translated documents released by the “Telegraaf” contain some information which was blacked out in Resch’s book:

    “Protokoll eines Gesprächs mit (Name geschwärzt), Truppenteil Nr. 4104 (Geleitnummer 5634), dem Oberstleutnant (geschwärzt)”

    The BUK mentioned came from “Fliegerabwehrtruppe 156, irgendwo in der Nähe von Donezk”

    The letter “An den Leiter der Abwehrdienststelle” mentions:

    “Fliegerstaffel Nr. A-4104, Stadt Tschugujew, Charkower Gebiet”

    This information has been blacked out in Resch’s book “Gefahr ist mein Beruf”.

    • “Fliegerstaffel Nr. A-4104, Stadt Tschugujew, Charkower Gebiet”

      Kharkov? So, the suggestion here is that the BUK was commanded by the Ukrainians? Either way, surprising that this information came out through the “Telegraaf”, since the information is blacked out in Resch’s book.

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