Summary of plenary debate in Dutch parliament on MH17

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This blogpost provides a summary of the most relevant questions and anwers of the plenary debate on MH17. The complete text of what was said is available in Dutch on the website of the Tweede Kamer.

Speech of Louis Bontes (VNL)

Speech of Han ten Broeke (VVD)

Speech of Raymond de Roon (PVV)

Several members of Parliament mentioned the failure of Ukraine to close the airspace. For example De Roon (PVV) states that Ukraine was aware of the BUK and should have closed the airspace.

Ukraine willing to transfer jurisdiction to the Netherlands according minister Klimkin

Minister van der Steur told that today Russia handed over a parcel with information on MH17 to the Dutch embassy in Moscow. Dutch police is not yet known with the content.

VVD member Han ten Broeke states that Ukraine at the moment cannot extradict suspects because the constitution does not allow so. The EU-Ukraine treaty would make extradiction possible

Servaes (PvdA). The failure of Russia not to cooperate must have consequences.

Van der Steur states that the way of trial (hybrid, domestic) depend on the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Van der Steur does not want to answer if JIT is free to decide to investigate the failure of the airspace.

Van der Steur: United States report with data on launchlocation can be used in court case and is available for reading by judge and defense.

Van der Steur: Russia did not tell why it took over 2 years to deliver radar data.

Van der Steur: in oktober 2017 a national archive on MH17 is ready

Van der Steur suggests a different aircraft could be target. JIT must investigate that scenario. JIT did not state this scenario.

Louis Bontes states that OVV concluded that there was no other aircraft near MH17. Bontes states Van der Steur is not clear. The video recording of the statement can be seen here (Via Bart Nijdam)

Later in the debate Van der Steur correct this suggestion. JIT concluded there was no other aircraft. If the BUK crew believed MH17 was a different aircraft is part of investigation.

Koenders states there is no agreement with Ukraine on prosecution

Koeders answers on question by Omtzigt that Dutch state will not initiate an investigation into the failure to close the airspace by Ukraine. First the individual prosecution on the persons who downed the aircraft has to be finished. Koenders does not rule out in the future investigation into non-closure of airspace will be done.

Rutte: link by Poroshenko of MH17 and association treay not wise.

Rutte denies that Ukraine made a link between MH17 investigation and association treaty. This because of questions by Harry van Bommel. Rutte is wrong! See this post.

De Roon (PVV) requests Dutch government United Nations route but his party wants the Netherlands to leave UN!

De Roon mentions the failure to close airspace by Ukraine. Tapped telephone conversations indicate Ukraine had knowledge on July 17 in the morning BUK was in the area with intention to use the weapon.


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