Status of RTL Nieuws cases against Dutch government on MH17

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RTL filed several requests for information (WOB) to force Dutch ministry of Justice to make public documents on MH17.

There are two cases now which were escalated to Dutch court:

  1. release of documents related to meetings attended by staff of ministries, police, secret service and terror defense. Request by RTL, Volkskrant and NOS. Case known as UT15/4950 and UT15/5091 WOB V73
  2. release of documents like minutes of meetings van Ministerraad as well a documents related to the MCCb (“geobjectiveerde’ notulen ministerraad”). Request by RTL Nieuws. ¬†This request was filed to Court around December 2016.

The status of WOB in case 1 is that the Court of Midden Holland decided to postpone its decision as the investigation is not ready yet. I blogged about the latest news here. 

At December 22 2016 Court Midden Holland notified RTL that Court was ready with investigation of the documents. The verdict was expected six weeks later. However at January 19 2017 Court Midden Holland announced a new delay as it found out versions of same documents submitted by Ministry of Justice were different.





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