Sonic boom by jet

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In this video showing a Turkish airforce F16 flying over Ankara in July 2016 during the coup, a large bang can be heard. Most likely a sonic boom of the F16. It is at around 28 seconds in the video.

It could be people in Torez heard a sonic boom of a figherjet. Although I am not sure if there are reports of people who heard jetengines.

This is another video

Sonic boom


This video explains sonic booms


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9 Comments on Sonic boom by jet

  1. Mr.Bushkin // July 19, 2016 at 10:28 am // Reply

    If the jet was engaging ground targets, then it was likely to fly with sub-sonic speed.

    • Daniel Been // July 19, 2016 at 10:38 am // Reply

      If it just had finished engaging, it would likely get the hell out of there.

      And from which altitude would this boom still be impressive to hear? It’s way more likely they would approach way over 6000m in cruise mode, then start a dive (boom not very likely to form when not steady) and then pull-up again. That’s what these jets are designed to do. If they only did some reconnaissance however, some supersonic speed could be imagined at lower altitudes.

  2. Charles Wood // July 19, 2016 at 11:21 am // Reply

    I recall a recent video interview (Billy Six?) that mentioned a double bang just prior to the MH17 shootdown. Double bangs are characteristic of supersonic transit.

    I’ve read the internet chatter that says rockets don’t make sonic booms. However that is for rockets that take off vertically. The missile in MH17 would be travelling much more horizontally – maybe even level or descending at the end – so a sonic boom is much more likely.

  3. Excellent video of Israel Iron Dome rocket system (tamir rocket, 90 kg, 300 m/s) — all actions was above our head (start, fly, maneuvering and intercept):

    And some bench of rockets fly above heads:
    1. Calibr missile over Syria:
    2. Many calibr misslies over Syria:
    3. BM-21 Grad rockets on Ukraine:
    4. Tockka-U tactic rocket fly and explode over city in Ukraine:
    5. Another Iron Dome work in Israel:

  4. Graph of sonic booms create on the ground after the dive the plane: (interestingly what the first sonic boom will be heard on the ground only after second come in).

    Example (5:25):

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