Smoking gun! This is the evidence Russia supplied BUK 332 to the separatists!

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At September 28 the Joint Investigation Team made public the first results of the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17.  JIT made clear a BUK TELAR crossed the border in the early morning of July 17 and went via Donetsk to Pervomaiske.

Bellingcat reported  that based on different characteristics of the BUK like leftovers of removed white paint and connection of cables, the BUK must be number 332 of Russia’s 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of Kursk.

A new photo made public at September 28 by JIT shows the righthand side of the BUK in much more detail than previous public photos. There are very clear similarities between the BUK seen on a video while inside Russia being transported to the Ukraine border, and this new photo. The new photo was made in Torez and handed over to JIT.

This is a still of the JIT video showing the new photos of the righthand side.

At September 30 JIT also published the video.


The comparision showing the clear similarities on the photo shown below was made by Aric Toler.

Left the photo made of BUK 332 in Torez. Right a photo made of a video while  BUK 332 was enroute in Russia.

There can be no doubt Russia provided  BUK TELAR 332 to the separatists to enable the separatists to destroy fighter aircraft and transport aircraft flying at altitudes above the maximum reach of MANPADS.


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22 Comments on Smoking gun! This is the evidence Russia supplied BUK 332 to the separatists!

  1. So if Russia went into such big effort of supplying BUK TELAR, ehat is the probability that it didn’t provide TAR services from across the border? That will be logical and there was nothing they could be blamed for. Ukraine jets were flying very close to the border and army, ukr politicians were hysterical and bitting drums of war. So it would be logical for Russian army to monitor the skies. But at the same time provide recognition data to thw TELAR inside.
    I think this is logical. Now this removes the pushed scenario of missile launch by mistake or based on stupid story about spotter. So we are left with two optoons:
    1) russiandt deliberately downed the airliner ( but why?)
    2) they thought that they are shooting at different target. Is it possible? Yes.

  2. It is important to note that before being shot down, Ukraine imposed a 10km high no fly zone, because of separatists shooting down ukrainian army planes at that altitude. The assumption is that the separatist side did not have weaponry that would reach higher than 10km. Russia supplied the separatist side with weaponry that would reach 10km in a bid to stop ukrainians from using their airforce in support of their military operations.

    Another important factor to note is that after MH17 was shot down, the separatist sources were proudly claiming they shot down an ukrainian army supply/scout airplane. Those same celebratory messages were then later removed.

    So most likely they thought it was a different target. Ukraine at the same time thought that separatists wouldnt be able to shoot down anything higher than 10km, but Russia changed that.

  3. I can not be 100% sure if the left side BUK has (the) spoked wheel or not.
    It would look like spoked but hard to be 100% sure because of shadows and low quality.

  4. Wind Tunnel Man // September 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm // Reply


    The photographs appear to have some differences: if you look at the details of the bodywork just above the apparent cuts in the skirts (marked with green squares) there are two circular features in the right photograph that don’t seem to be shown in the left photograph. Also there does appear to be a difference between the curved shaping of the plate-work in that area.

    I would imagine any possible differences between the wheels are being discussed elsewhere?

  5. Good notice about the wheel Soti. The shadow patterns on the second wheeel indeed indicate that the wheel is of the simolar structure as others. While on the right picture it is different. Wonder how hard is to change one?

  6. Pretty wild logic.

    To legally demonstrate which BUK fired on MH17, you would need an image of the BUK firing, or images excluding the possibility of any other BUK being present. That is a very heavy lift.

  7. Hollow wheel it is.
    332 really is the launcher that went to snizhne.

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