Small piece of background to be seen in video released at JIT pressconference

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At the JIT pressconference in September 2016 a new video was shown. It showed the BUK on lowloader pulled by a Volvo truck and two cars part of the same convoy. Except the cars and the BUK, everything else was removed from the video. According JIT this was to protect the witness.

Thanks to the users are and it seems the video was made in Torez. All photos and information in this post are taken from both websites.

Some small pieces of a  backgroud like a building can be seen in this frame.

Also in this frame a small piece what could be  a building.

And here a piece of green on the right side of this screenshot.

In this shot it seems there is a piece of a place visible.


Convoy not driving?

Someone at a Russian forum suggest the convoy was not driving as the video suggests, but was parked. See the door of the army jeep. It is open. And the wheels do not seem to turn.


also the wheel of the truck do not seem to turn


This could be the mirror of the car from which the video was made.

Maybe JIT decided to make it appear the vehicles were driving. As the only known location of the convoy were it was parked was Donetsk.

Location Torez? 

Torez seems to be the location where the convoy was filmed. The convoy passed the person who filmed it from from right to left. The street is called ‘prospekt Garagina” 48.024262, 38.616745


The yellow dot suggests the location where the video was make from.

Here an impression from above.

The likely location where this was filmed was a parking place in Torez used by taxi’s.

This video taken in June 2014 shows a military convoy passing the same road.


JIT removed all background details from the video. Including the lower part. This could be because of the guide rail at the parking place. It is painted white/black and could lead to an easy geolocation.

This could be the pole.

Location Donetsk?

Remember an eyewitness reported

“Bad news. Around 9am, a hauler was going along the Makeevka highway from Makeevka in the direction of Donetsk. On the platform was a BukM1-M2? This AAMS proceeded to the intersection with Shakhtostroiteley Boulevard. The system was accompanied by a convoy that was composed of 1 gray Rav4 SUV, a camouflaged UAZ, and a dark blue Hyundai van with tinted windows. As of 9:15am, the vehicle was located at the intersection of Shakhtostroiteley and Ilycha. The militants got out of their cars, blocking 2 of the far left lanes. Obviously, they were waiting for logistical guidance.”

And remember the eyewitness who told Australian TV station SBS One  he saw the BUK in Donetsk. He wanted to be anonymous because of fear. The eyewitness saw it was a surface to air system with 4 missiles loaded on it.

The eyewitness likely stated that he saw the BUK at 09:00 in Donetsk. The presenter of the program in fact told this.

According the eyewitness the BUK drove on Ilycha Avenue and made a right turn to Shakhtostroiteley Boulevard.

Ilycha Avenue at Donetsk has a house and a green wall which could be the place where the BUK was parked.

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4 Comments on Small piece of background to be seen in video released at JIT pressconference

  1. > Remember an eyewitness reported

    It was not an eyewitness, it was SBU. I wrote about this post here, in comments of March 3:
    Briefly: There was no Buk in Donetsk and on the roads Lugansk-Donetsk and Donetsk-Snizhne. A Buk arrived in Snizhne via Krasny Luch. Khmury’s conversations at 9:08 am, 9:22, 9:23 and 9:54 were artificial, intended to deceive SBU over the direction of the Buk’s arrival.

    As for “the video in Torez”, it indeed looks like an animation of vehicles parked. The removal of the background for “safety reasons” is weird: “the video” was made public more than two years after the shootdown of MH17; in Sep 2016 there was no chance for the evil separatists to calculate who was walking or driving in Torez on 17 July, 2014. Thus, the reason for the removal of the background was to hide the fact that the vehicles do not move against the background.

  2. sotilaspassi // May 23, 2017 at 7:03 am // Reply

    And IIRC, the original JIT video was played in reverse/forward vs the video shown here.

  3. The user Kemet who suggested the convoy was not driving, and created the reversed video, is a creative pro-RU troll which falsifies everything he writes about. The convoy was driving:

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