Silly requests by MH17 defense lawyers : the Makiivka video

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From November 3 to 5 2020 the defense lawyers of MH17 suspect Pulatov had the opportunity to request additional investigation as well as to  interview witness and experts. And they sure took the opportunity. Many witness and experts were requested for an interview. In a serie of blogposts I will discuss these requests and point out many of the requests do not make any sense. Earlier I blogged about 25 silly remarks by the lawyers here. In the first episode I will discuss the Makiivka video.

The Makiivka video  is a dashcam video showing the Buk Telar on a lowloader being transported in rebel held territory in Eastern Ukraine. It was first reported on Twitter at May 12, 2016 by someone using the Twitterhandle @AmishJihadi. He notified Aric Toler and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat. The video uploaded to Youtube was blurry and parts of the originale video were left out. The video was clearly made at or around July 17, 2014 based on the fuelprices seen in the video.

A high resolution video was  first made public at a JIT pressconference in May 2018. It clearly shows trackmarks made by tanks and details of the Buk Telar.

Lawyer Sabine ten Doesschate states in November 2020 the video was made by a witness called S32.The date shown on this video is in 2012. The witness stated this date is not correct. The video was made in July 2014 but S32 does not know the exact date. JIT gave a couple of possible reasons for the wrong date. An overheated battery is one of the possible causes. The lawyer states it cannot be ruled out the video was made in early July or in 2012. Ten Doesschate  then states it is plausible the video was made earlier. The flowers seen in the video do not blossom in July according the head of the botanic gardens in Donetsk.

So far it was not publically known the date on the video did not match July 17, 2014. Dutch blogger  Max van der Werff who has spread a lot of disinformation on MH17 at November 7 showed a screenshot of the video on his Twitter account.  It is not known how Van der Werff obtained the screenshot. Possibly via one of his Kremlin connected sources.

The statement about the flowers is interesting. It exactly matches the false claims by a Youtube channel called ‘MH17 Inquiry’. In 2016 it published a couple of disinformation videos on  MH17. One of the videos states the Elderberry bush  seen on the video does not blossom in July! Also the directory of the Botanical Garden is quoted by MH17 Inquiry. So why did the two Dutch lawyers recycle the Russian disinformation for their plea to request interviewing witness?

The lawyers fail to mention the fuelprices shown in the video matches those at July 17. They also fail to mention the video shows tanktracks. Likely made by a convoy which passed on the ame road a few days earlier. Also the Google Earth satellite photo confirms the transport took indeed place at July 17, 2014.

An overheated battery does not seem to be a likely cause of the wrong date. More likely causes are the date was never set correctly and the driver did not bother to adjust it or the video camera was reset to factory defaults a while ago.

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  1. Besides the white Volvo truck was commandeered by rebels for their transports, on July 8th, 2014.

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