Silly requests by MH17 defense lawyers : hearing of author Koreandefense

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From November 3 to 5 2020 the defense lawyers of MH17 suspect Pulatov had the opportunity to request additional investigation as well as to  request for interviews of  witness and experts. And they sure took the opportunity. Many witness and experts were requested for an interview. In a serie of blogposts I will discuss these requests and point out many of the requests do not make any sense. Earlier I blogged about 25 silly remarks by the lawyers here. In the second episode I will discuss the request to interview the owner of

The lawyers mentioned in their plea  a Tweet by a user named @GirkinGirkin . The Tweet shows a photo of a Buk Telar parked in a street in rebel held Snizhne .  The Tweet was sent at July 17, 2014. The day MH17 was downed by a missile launched by a Buk Telar

The owner of the website was able to geolocate where  the photo was made using simple techniques. Снежное ,the name of the city, was mentioned in the Tweet. And “уголек” which was the name of a nearby restaurant was also mentioned. So it likely took the owner of the website just a few minutes to determine where the photo was made.

The lawyers are questioning themselves why the maker of the photo placed the photo on a website instead of sending it to the JIT. Duhh, the article was published at July 19, 2014. Two days after the shotdown. At that time JIT did not exist! And the maker was likely the same person who sent the Tweet.

Boudewijn van Eijck and Sabine ten Doesschate want to interview the owner of Also they want to interview two persons working for JIT.

It really does not make sense to interview the owner of Anyone would be able to geolocate this place. And it is very easy to confirm the geolocation is correct.

Two days before the Koreandefense geolocation , website Ukraineatwar already geolocated the same location. It is documented here. 

There was a very good reason for the Buk Telar to be parked in this small street. The headquarters of the separatists was located here. The lawyers failed to mention this fact.

How to find the missing Buk system

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