Silly remarks and nonsense requests by Dutch lawyers defending MH17 suspect Oleg Pulatov #25. Request to interview Bernd Biedermann

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During the plea by the Dutch lawyers Boudewijn Van Eijck and Sabine ten Doessschate while defending their client Oleg Pulatov many silly remarks and nonsense requests were made by these two Dutch lawyers. This post is part of a serie of blogposts showing these silly remarks made at June 22 and June 23. All blogposts on this topic can be read here.  

The lawyers requested the judge to interview a German citizen called Bernd Biederman. Biedermann worked till the end of 1990 for the East German army Initially as a surface to air missile expert on the S300 SAM system. His experience on surface to air missiles however was 30 years old when MH17 crashed. From 1981 to 1984 he was stationed in China. From 1984 tot 1988 he worked as a military attache in the ambassy of the DDR in Belgium. He wrote a book about the S300 SAM. He does not have experience with the Buk missile system. Biedermann states MH17 was downed by a fighterjet, either using a cannon or both cannon and missiles.

Biedermann appeared in video’s produced by people and organizations which support the Kremlin narrative. He appeared between 2014 and 2018 in a limited number of video’s. Thereafter he was never seen or heard in media. Biedermann was never interviewed by the main stream media. He expressed an anti Bellingcat opinion and believes the JIT evidence is “absurd”. He even believes JIT was feed by Bellingcat. Lots of what Biedermann told was later debunked by clear evidence.

For example he was interviewed by Russia Today reporter Yana Yerlashova in one of her documentaries about MH17. All the documentaries she made are full of nonsense and disinformation. Biedermann was also interviewed by conspiracy thinker Billy Six.  The interview was published at YouTube. German Radio Stimme Russland, related to the Kremlin, did an interview with Biedermann.

Biedermann made several statements about MH17 which are simply incorrect. In a letter dated May 2015 addressed to German tv ARD he wrote that a Buk Telar without a command vehicle and a radar vehicle cannot  destroy target. Simply incorrect. If Biedermann was and expert, he would have known about the autonomous mode of the Buk Telar.

He stated that the launch of a missile must be heard and seen by people in the neighborhood of the launch. Biedermann believes, as communicated by many conspiracy websites, that nobody had seen or heard the launch. In fact there are two photos showing the plume, there are many witness who heard the launch and there are a couple who saw it.

To Billy Six he says that a field might get on fire after the launch. That is exactly what happened after the launch of the missile. Also a plume will be visible for around ten minutes. Two photos show that plume.

Biedermann states that a surface to air missile not only mechanically destroys an aircraft, but also sets it on fire. Everything that is being hit by the hot fragments is set on fire. not just the fuel lines of the aircraft., according Biedermann. MH17 was not set on fire after the hit and during the fall down to earth. Biedermann states nobody heard the explosion of the missile. Which is also not true as people living in the area where MH17 crashed heard two explosions. According Biedermann the fact that the producer of the missile, Almaz Antey, did not rule out a Buk missile was used, was pure marketing.

Biedermann cannot know if a Boeing 777 is set on fire by a Buk missile. Simply because this never happened before MH17.

Another of his arguments is why Russia would sent a Buk Telar into Eastern Ukraine. There was no motive according Biedermann. The telephone taps and logic provide a clear motive. The Russia backed separatists had a hard time in fighting the Ukraine forces as they had warplanes. And as MANPADS has a limited reach, Buks were needed.

Biedermann in the RT documentary states a surface to air missile always hits the target on top. That is nonsense.

This is an overview of the interviews. 

Documentary on MH17 by German blogger Billy Six

14 september 2014 at Radio Stimme Russlands in Berlin


RT documentary in 2015


RT June 2, 2018


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