Silly remarks and nonsense requests by Dutch lawyers defending MH17 suspect Oleg Pulatov #22. Unreliable witness #3

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During the plea by the Dutch lawyers Boudewijn Van Eijck and Sabine ten Doessschate while defending their client Oleg Pulatov many silly remarks and nonsense requests were made by these two Dutch lawyers. This post is part of a serie of blogposts showing these silly remarks made at June 22 and June 23. All blogposts on this topic can be read here

During the plea the lawyers presented in a video several witness who claimed to have seen one or multiple fighterjets at the time MH17 was downed. Many of those witness were proven to be liars. Bellingcat found three witness who lied.

Using reverse face-search, we were able to identify a third alleged eyewitness shown in the defense lawyer’s collage. He was interviewed by Graham Philips, a former RT freelancer in Eastern Ukraine. We contacted this person (his name is withheld at his request). In a DM chat and speaking on the record, he told Bellingcat: “I never saw any fighter jet, or any other plane, on 17 July 2014″. He disowned his words from the interview shown in the collage. Speaking from Eastern Ukraine, he declined to explain what had prompted him to say that he saw fighter planes on camera when interviewed by Phillips. He was 18 at the time of the shoot-down.

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