Separatists leaders do not allow Dutch journalists to work in MH17 crash site while former RT journalist and a blogger are allowed

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Multiple Dutch journalists in 2019 requested the DPR press officer an accreditation which allows them to work in the occupied area of Eastern Ukraine. However requests by NOS journalist David Jan Godfroid, Nieuwsuur journalist Rudy Bouma, freelance journalist Joost Bosman and a journalist who wanted to remain anonymous were denied by the DPR. Also none  of the Dutch correspondents based in Moscow got permission to work in DPR.

The reason was not provided.

Without such an accreditation journalists cannot work in the DPR and LPR.

Remarkably the former RT journalist Yana Yerlashova (now a freelancer) and Dutch blogger Max van der Werff got permission to film in the area. Early June 2019  they visited the area for filming for their documentary on MH17.

It seems the DPR is very selective in allowing journalists. An Excel spreadsheet which was obtained by hackers showed the names of journalists who requested accreditation and their position towards to DPR.



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