Self proclaimed “independent” researchers Van der Werff and Yerlashova provide proof for their lies

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In a remarkable move former RT (Kremlin financed media channel) journalist Yana Yerlashova decided to leave RT to make a documentary on MH17 together with Dutch blogger/researcher Max van der Werff. They state they are independent, suggesting to be unbiased. However both are extremely biased and do not hesitate to make false statements. This blog will clearly prove one of the false statement for which Yerlashova provided the evidence.

This blogpost is part of a serie of posts in which I will show the true colours of Yerlashova  and Van der Werff. More to come soon.

Ugly Face of ‘Civil Journalism’

In my previous blogpost about the couple I explained Yerlashova made a clear false statement  in a BBC documentary. She stated  “He (the photographer) says that he looked out of the window and he saw the plume. But there is no window in his apartment facing that area”.

This is a clear lie as BBC already showed in the docu. From the balcony the launch location can be seen.

Yerlashova knew she lied to the BBC, because she went inside a similar apartment in which the photo was made, and made a photo herself showing the launchlocation and showing the cables!

At June 7, 2015 Yana Yerlashova, then working for Russia Today (which was later rebranded to RT) visited the apartmentbuilding in Torez where a serie of photos showing a BUK plume was made.

Yerlashova went to the rooftop and also entered one of the apartments on the same side of the building as the apartment from within the BUK plume photos were made.

Van der Werff received these photos from Yerlashova and published these on his website (archive). Van der Werff on his website writes:

In total Yana took 10 photos showing the plume. Photos were taken from a 6th floor balcony in the same building as the ‘Buk plume’ photo (taken from the 9th floor)

For an impression of the situation of the building see my blogpost in which I debunked earlier false statements by Van der Werff .

In a Tweet sent by Van der Werff at August 5, 2015 he confirms a photo was made from a balcony.

Van der Werff in this blogpost on his personal website confirms the photo was made by Yana Yerlashova.

Yana Yerlashova later went to Torez and made the photo that I layered in the ‘original’. Not a match, but it cannot be ruled out completely the cable sunk to a lower position over time.

The original photo mentioned by Van der Werff was taken from the balcony on the 9th floor showing the smokeplume. Van der Werff inserted the photo made by Yana Yerlashova which was made from the 6th floor.

This clearly shows Yana Yerlashova lied to the BBC. It also shows Van der Werff is fully aware of the lie.

I requested severall times Van der Werff and Yerlashova to comment on this. Both did not respond. It shows the Ugly Face of ‘Civil Journalism’.





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