Secret MH17 documents: Justice department sent wrong version of documents

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Dutch RTL Nieuws went to court as Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety refused to hand over MH related documents.

RTL Nieuws filed two court cases. Another case is against the Ministry of Algemene Zaken of Rutte. At Tuesday February 21 a courtcase will be held about minutes of meetings in Ministerraad and interviews by Universiteit Twente.

See the complete story which started October 2014 here. 

In January 2017 the Dutch court Midden Holland concluded that there was a difference between the original and censored documents.

At January 24 the state lawyer responded explaining that by error the draft version of minutes of meetings were sent to the Dutch court. The state lawyer at January 24 sent the final version of the minutes of meeting.

It is expected the Dutch court will decide before March 10 2017.

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