Russian surface to air missile system seen in Eastern Ukraine in September 2014

This video shows a Russian armed forces 9K331 Tor-M1 on a lowloader being transported through the city of Krasnodon in Ukraine heading towards the Russian border. The exact location the video was made is here.

There cannot be a single doubt this video was not made in Krasnodon. See the statue below. It is seen in the video as well.  The statue is a rememberance to the victims of Chernobyl.

The video was probably made in the first week of September 2014. The 9K331 Tor M1 is not in use anymore by the Ukraine armed forces.

The video is part of very many other videos showing that Russia supplied weapons to their proxies in Eastern Ukraine. Russia stated in the hearing at the ICJ early March 2017 that they did not supply weapons.

This is another clear proof Russia is lying all over the place.

More information on the route and the 9K331 here.


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