Russian state media intentionally swapped words of family member of MH17 victim17

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A family member of one of the MH17 victims was deliberately misquoted by Russian statemedia Vesti.

The next of kin were briefed by the Joint Investigation Team on June 19. After the briefing the press approached several family members to learn about the conclusion JIT told them.

Robby Oehlers lost his cousin Daisy because of the massmurder. Three Russian citizens are indicted for murder on 298 persons because they arranged the Buk Telar anti-aircraft missile system with the intention to shot down an aircraft in an armed conflict.

Oehlers was approached by Russian journalist Anastasia Popova. She works for severall Kremlin funded and controlled media like Vesti and tv station Russia 1. Oehlers is seen here standing outside the location where the briefing was held. A couple of Russian tv station are interviewing him.

Popova quoted Oehlers in an article published by Vesti. The quote was:

Very unfortunate that besides Ukraine Russia is not included / included in the investigation group

I  believed that was a quote which does not match the opinion of most of the next of kin.

So I approached Oehlers to check what he told the Russian journalist. He stated he told the opposite of what was quoted by the journalist. He told Anastasia Popova that morning:

It is NOT strange that Russia is NOT in the JIT.

So a Kremlin paid journalist is deliberately twisting words.


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