Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova “called the actions of investigators in the case of MH17 absurd squared”

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Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in a Facebook response to Dutch PM Rutte request for Russia to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation,  that actions of the investigators are “absurd squared”

Zakharova writes on her Facebook page that it was absurd that Malaysia joined the investigation team JIT only several months later.

It is also absurd that experts did not enter the crash site because it was not safe to operate, according Zakharova. She also believes it is absurd that wreckage was not recoverd for months as was rotting in the fields. Also it is absurd that JIT did not frequently reported the findings to the United Nations and did an  investigation under their own conditions.

Also it is absurd that radar data found by Russia was not included in the criminal investigation.

So far the text of the Facebook site.

So is she right?

The reason for Malaysia joining JIT after about 3,5 months is explained here. There is nothing suspicious about that.

I do share the feeling that it is weird the wreckage was not recovered for a long time. Dutch government always stated is was because the area was not safe. I believe it was more because Kiev did not want negotiations with separatists. It could also be that leaders of Donetsk republic demanded the Dutch to acknowledge the republic before wreckage could be recovered. I guess we will never know the exact reason.

I am not aware of any statements by JIT that it would report on the progress of the investigation to the United Nations. Spokesman Wim de Bruin of JIT is not aware either of such a promise.

It is absurd Russia after two years finally found primary radar data. And presented it two days before the JIT press conference. Also the statements made by Russia on radar capabilities are lies. I will go into much more details in a future blog post.


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