Russian radar recordings shows Russian Ministry of Defense faked route of MH17

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At a pressconference the Russian Ministery of Defense showed the proposed route MH17 took. Here is the information presented.

The route shows a strange deviation to the north which starts just north of the city of Donetsk. Then MH17 turns right on a southeast course before it is shot down. On the map below you see the supposed route as the red line with MH17 shown as a red plane icon.

In an earlier post I already explained that this route deviation was faked.

Both the Dutch Safety Board preliminary report and the Flightradar 24 data shows MH17 did not make that strange detour above Donetsk.

Now the Russian media itself releases information that the route presented by the Russian Ministery of Defense is fake.


The image below shows a supposed to be leaked radar recording. Russia Today reports about this here.

The story is that the blue T’s (indicated by the red arrow) is one or two military jets detected by radar. In fact these are falling debris. I explained this in this post.¬†

The route of MH17 is seen as the purple line. Just below the purple line you will see DON shown. DON is a radio beacon or waypoint.It is a crossing of airways. DON is located at the airport of Donetsk which is nortwest of the city.


You also see ABOLA east of DON. On the map above you also see ABOLA printed as a blue triangle.

If you follow the blue line next to ABOLA on the map above towards the west you end in Donetsk. So the map above shows MH17 flew above Donetks airport while the map below shows MH17  flew north of Donetsk.

Bellingcat published a nice video showing the route according the Russians and then the route according the Dutch Safety Board. See it here.


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