Russian newspaper: “JIT will hand over its evidence to Dutch court this winter”

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Russian newspaper Novaya Gazetta, one of the few independent Russian newspapers , at July 18 reports the Joint Investigation Team will finish its criminal investigation into the downing of MH17 this fall. The Dutch public prosecutor will hand over the evidence and names of suspects to the Dutch court in winter.

The author of the article is  Pavel Kanygin, who is probably the most well-connected Russian journalist with MH17 investigation. He has some good contacts with separatists and with the JIT. He did the Westerbeke interview recently.

According the article the satellite data which were handed over by the United States will be presented in The Hague court. Kremlin states that the US did not hand over satellite data. One of many lies by Kremlin.

The names of suspects are named in the article as well.  Girkin/Strelkov, Borodai, Ivannikov (GRU officer), Dubinsky,  Khodakovsky, Zakharchenko, Bezler, and others


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