Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zakharova March 11 statements on MH17

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Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at her weekly pressbriefing mentioned MH17.

Tass reports here. Sputnik reports in German language here.

The complete transcript of the briefing can be read here.

Bellingcat made a video about same of the statements

A collection of statements
“It puzzles the Russian side how the media of the Netherlands, including those close to the government, are spreading disinformation from the British organization Bellingcat about the involvement of the Russian leadership in the destruction of flight MH17 in July 2014 in the sky above Donbass. As evidence, some murky photos of unknown origin, duplicated links to recordings of some telephone conversations, and correspondence on social networks by unidentified persons were published on the page. Nothing new in Bellingcat’s methods: regarding Russia, they not only have always used such sources of information, but they themselves “cook” fake documents and release them,” said Zakharova.
“The Dutch media seems to have forgotten that six months ago Bellingcat had already been brought into the light by the magazine Der Spiegel. The German publishers were attracted by such a fake, and had to apologize in front of their own audience”, — noted the diplomat
Statements taken from the official Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter account.
  • It is surprising that Dutch state authorities use Bellingcat as one of their primary sources of information
  • Хлипко как-то звучит: “Голландская газета “Трау” в начале года установила…”. Её-то кто уполномочил что-либо устанавливать?
    This statement was visible only on the Russian account of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. It says Dutch newspaper Trouw accused in the beginning of the year Bellingcat was paid for its work.There is no article by Trouw on Bellingcat stating it is paid. This is the only article which briefly mentions Bellingcat which was published in the beginning of the year.
  • The Dutch RTL  broadcasting company also questioned Bellingcat’s conclusions about the Flight crash
  • We firmly believe that professional work must continue in order to expose the true causes and circumstances of the crash
  • We are disappointed by Holland’s formal approach, which demonstrates a non-constructive position on the investigation
  • New & important evidence obtained by Russian experts through additional investigations on are dismissed as having no value
  • The arguments cited in the DSB letter do not say anything new about the situation, only repeat the same old points and reasoning
  • The letter from the Dutch Safety Board Chairman (DSB) is a run-around reply to the agency’s inquiry
  • As before, the whole situation around the tragedy cannot but continue to cause fair questions to the Dutch authorities
  • The 50,000 testimonies from eastern Ukraine collected via text messages and the Dutch Police website raises many questions
  • There’s no news of even a tentative time-frame for concluding the investigation and launching trial proceedings
  • There’s a lot of uncertainty around the investigation conducted by Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office and joint investigation team
  • As it turns out, only the victims’ families want the whole truth about what happened in the skies over Ukraine on July 17, 2014
  • The Dutch authorities rush to identify, prosecute the culprits before getting to the bottom of the crash circumstances
  • The issue of investigating the causes of the crash is being sidelined by official Hague
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