Russian Deputy Prosecutor Vinnichenko will not question Russian citizens on their role in downing MH17

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Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolay Vinnichenko in an interview with Russia newsagency Ria stated there is no need to question Russian citizens on their role in downing MH17. Sputnik published an english translation.

Bellingcat and The Insider reported earlier they indentified two persons with nicknames “Delfin” and “Orion” as Nikolay Tkachev, the chief inspector of Russia’s Central Military District, and Oleg Ivannikov, a high-ranking Russian GRU officer.

However, the Russian prosecutor stated to Ria:

no real evidence of any Russian citizen’s involvement in the Boeing tragedy has been provided. Therefore, there are no grounds for questioning any of our citizens as part of this case.

The rest of the interview has the usual nonsense from Kremlin. For example this statement:

 I would like to stress that the Russian Prosecutor [General’s] Office responded to all nine requests it received by sending an impressive amount of important data to the international investigation.

That is simply not true. JIT in April 2018 released a press bulletin stating Russia never responded to a request to hand over radardata of the radarstation Buturinskoe. Russia waited over two years before it handed over primary radar data of the Ust-Donetsk radarstation to JIT.

Additionally Russia never responded to JIT requests on identifying the serial numbers as shown on remains of a BUK-missile. For that reason JIT decided to ask the public for help on May 24, 2018 .

One of the many nonsense statements is this one:

I would like to pay special attention to the video materials that were publicly presented by the Joint Investigation Team and apparently used as the main piece of evidence that Russian military equipment had allegedly crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. I emphasize that all of them are just some videos from the Internet. Highly qualified Russian experts analysed them and came to the conclusion that they were falsified — the image of the Buk missile system was inserted into the video.

Deputy Prosecutor Vinnichenko states that videos made weeks before the downing of MH17, showing the Russian BUK Telar while on transport in Russia, were falsified. Which means by that time someone was aware the aircraft would be shot down.

Many other examples of Kremlin lies on MH17 are documented here. 


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