Russian airlines continued to use East Ukraine airspace after July 17. Best evidence for Russian involvement in MH17 shot down

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Russian airlines continued to use East Ukraine airspace one week after MH17 was shot down. The animation below made by German research bureau Correct!v shows flights over Eastern Ukraine on July 24. Only Russian airlines are shown flying over East Ukraine on a north-south track. All other airlines decided not to overfly Ukraine after MH17 was shot down.

If MH17 was shot down by an Ukraine Air Force SU-25 as Russian government keeps on telling, would Russian airlines take the risk of being attacked as well? No, they are not idiots. So the airlines knew the airspace was safe.

The table below shows all flights overflying seen in the map above. Not all used East Ukraine airspace as flights departing from Rostov are listed as well.

Flight From To
SU6870 Simferopol St. Petersburg
NN339 Moscow Simferopol
WZ301 Moscow
U62831 Moscow Simferopol
UN181 Moscow Rostov
UT367 Moscow Rostov
UT590 Rostov Moscow
S71122 Anapa Moscow
EL122 Rostov Thessaloniki
WZ302 Simferopol
SU1848 Moscow Simferopol
S71156 Rostov Moscow
SU1142 Moscow Anapa
QD106 Simferopol
R3470 Anapa Omsk
SU1151 Gelendzik Moscow
U6142 Rostov Moscow
QD107 Moscow
UT462 Anapa Moscow
D97727 Rostov
YC522 Simferopol Moscow
YC513 Simferopol
UT502 Anapa Surgut
7R926 Simferopol Kursk
SU5330 Rostov Yerevan
5N105 Arkhangelsk Anapa
UT368 Rostov Moscow
U62897 Moscow Simferopol
SU6862 Simferopol St. Petersburg
UN9138 Khabarovsk Simferopol
S7166 Simferopol Moscow
IN166 Volgograd
SU1911 Simferopol Moscow
SU5303 Rostov Moscow
UT492 Rostov Moscow
S71124 Anapa Moscow
UN9881 Rostov
WZ164 Simferopol
U6147 Moscow Rostov
NN333 Moscow Simferopol
S73322 Anapa Novosibirsk
WZ119 Moscow
U62895 Moscow Simferopol
SU1846 Moscow Simferopol
U6143 Moscow Anapa
SU1546 Moscow Anapa
QD104 Simferopol Moscow
SU1822 Moscow Simferopol
QD105 Moscow Simferopol
SU6866 Simferopol St. Petersburg
NN356 Anapa Moscow
QD103 Moscow Simferopol
SU5343 Yekaterinburg Rostov
S71160 Rostov Moscow
UT729 Rostov Yerevan
SU5361 Rostov Moscow
SU1633 Simferopol Moscow
U6141 Moscow Rostov
UN143 Moscow Anapa
S71126 Anapa Moscow
SU5313 St. Petersburg Rostov
SU1821 Simferopol Moscow
UN144 Anapa Moscow
SU1547 Anapa Moscow
UN9882 Antalya
SU1823 Simferopol Moscow
S7165 Moscow Simferopol
U6202 Anapa Yekaterinburg
S71123 Moscow Anapa
UN199 Moscow Anapa
UT5108 Antalya
UT525 Khanty-Mansiysk Anapa
NN345 Moscow Simferopol
UT497 Moscow Rostov
U62841 Moscow Simferopol
SU5362 Moscow Rostov
UN192 Rostov Moscow
SU6868 Simferopol St. Petersburg
UT730 Yerevan Rostov
UN2228 Simferopol Moscow
A34609 Rostov
A34207 Rostov Heraklion
SU1827 Simferopol Moscow
D99701 Rostov
A34427 Rostov
SU1146 Moscow Anapa
R25931 Samara Anapa
YC301 Anapa Perm
SU5312 Rostov St. Petersburg
R25911 Orenburg Anapa
GG733 Belgorod
SU5304 Moscow Rostov
SU1905 Simferopol Moscow
S71121 Moscow Anapa
SU2130 Moscow Istanbul
UT459 Moscow Anapa
U62896 Simferopol Moscow
S71155 Moscow Rostov
UN182 Rostov Moscow
NN337 Moscow Simferopol
U6144 Anapa Moscow
WZ167 Moscow Anapa
SU5363 Rostov Moscow
SU5331 Yerevan Rostov
YC505 Tyumen Simferopol
UN191 Moscow Rostov
SU1824 Moscow Simferopol
S73321 Novosibirsk Anapa
WZ168 Anapa Moscow
OS660 Rostov Vienna
U6158 Anapa Moscow
SU1143 Anapa Moscow
YC302 Perm Anapa
SU1161 Rostov Moscow
S71152 Rostov Moscow
NN346 Simferopol Moscow
UT491 Moscow Rostov
QD108 Simferopol
NN334 Simferopol Moscow
UT5107 Rostov Antalya
QD110 Simferopol Moscow
UT498 Rostov Moscow
A34305 Rostov Rhodos
SU5305 Rostov Moscow
SU1634 Moscow Simferopol
TK294 Rostov Istanbul
Rostov Moscow
UT503 Nizhnevartovsk Anapa
UT493 Moscow Rostov
S7164 Simferopol Moscow
EL121 Thessaloniki Rostov
IN163 Moscow
SU1147 Anapa Moscow
SU1635 Simferopol Moscow
UN217 Moscow Simferopol
SU5360 Moscow Rostov
UT526 Anapa Khanty-Mansiysk
SU1847 Simferopol Moscow
U6201 Yekaterinburg Anapa
WZ120 Anapa Moscow
SU5301 Rostov Moscow
YC519 Simferopol Perm
U6453 Rostov St. Petersburg
U62832 Simferopol Moscow
SU1910 Moscow Simferopol
NN340 Simferopol Moscow
IN165 Simferopol
SU6602 Anapa St. Petersburg
UT460 Anapa Moscow
UN218 Simferopol Moscow
S71151 Moscow Rostov
U62898 Simferopol Moscow
SU1849 Simferopol Moscow
SU1825 Simferopol Moscow
UN9188 Kos Moscow
UN9218 Simferopol Moscow
U62842 Simferopol Moscow
UT5411 Rostov Dalaman



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  1. Marilyn Justice // March 29, 2015 at 1:44 am // Reply

    Another assumption… I would guess everyone knows now how closely the skies are being watched now, and Russia can see Ukraine has pulled their Buks from the area.

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