Russia 24 documentary on MH17

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Russia-24 tv channel broadcasted a new documentary on MH17 in July 2016.

Russia-24 is a state-owned Russian-language news channel from Russia. It covers major national and international events as well as focuses on domestic issues. It is owned by VGTRK.

Featured in the programme is  private detective Resch. His house was raided by German Police. His Swiss safe was raided by the Swiss police on request of the Dutch Prosecutor who coordinates the Joint Investigation Team.

Also in the programme is Peter Haisenko. Haisenko believes MH17 was shotdown by an Ukraine SU-25. Probably Russia 24 mentioned Haisenko was a former airline pilot. I blogged about Haisenko here.  Basically any journalist wanting Haisenko to talk in his or her programma must be nuts or have an agenda. The man does not know what he is talking about.

Another German in the programme is Billy Six. Billy is a freelance journalist and went to Ukraine. He showed a couple of interviews with eyewitness on his YouTube channel. Bellingcat has a post about the work of Billy Six.

Also German lawyer Elmar Giemulla is in the programme. He is the only lawyer worldwide I am aware of who filed a court case against the state of Ukraine. I blogged about this here.

There are no Western specialist interviewed.



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