Pro Russia “independent” self-proclaimed experts and bloggers publish open letter to Trump asking for new MH17 investigation

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A group of 18 men calling themselves “Critical, concerned and independent journalists & experts” published an open letter addressed to president-elect Donald Trump.

Basically these are world’s finest MH17 truthers. For example Mr Karel van Wolferen. I wrote a blog about all the nonsense he told in an interview.

In the letter the group ask Donald Trump for a new independant investigation into the downing of MH17. The letter was initially published at , a website which expresses a pro Russia opinion in its articles. One of the requirements if that new investigation is that all  all scenarios should be kept on the table. The group still believes a fighter jet might have shot down MH17. A Ukraine Air Force fighter jet that is.

With keeping all scenarios on the table the group likely believes that a BUK missile is not the cause of the downing. The group seems not aware Russia stated there were no other aircraft seen on radar flying close to MH17. At 8:24 in the recording of the pressconference of the Russian MoD at September  26 it is clearly said : “you do not see any other aerial objects around it”.

A few hours after publication by Globalresearch the article could not be accessed anymore. However as with a lot of pro Russia propaganda other sites re-published. So you can read the article here. A screenshot is here.

A few days later the letter re-appeared again, now with even more people listed who endorse the content.

However, at November 23 the post at Globalresearch was gone for the second time. A copy at this site is available here. Finally at November 28 the letter was published for the third time.

The letter is also published on the website of Joost Niemoller, a MH17 truther who believes Ukraine is responsible for the downing. In this letter Thierry Baudet is listed as one of the persons who signed the letter.

I asked Billy Six, one of the people named at the end of the letter, and spokesman for the group, a couple of questions about the letter.

1.) “As you know, Russia Federation veto-ed the resolution by Malaysia to setup an international tribunal by the United Nations. What kind of UN framework are you thinking of, and why you think Russia will not veto this?”
I can´t interpret the intentions of the Russian government. But the chances for such kind of international tribunal are much bigger if it´s started with a non-political investigation commission at first which presents real and convincing evidence; then followed by a tribunal with judges from countries which were not involved.

2.) “What are the scenario’s you and the people listed at the bottom of the letter should be investigated? Why should these be investigated? Why you think these scenario’s are not properly investigated?”

Buk from Pervomaiskye, Zaroshenskoye or one of the other places reported
– air-to-air attack by a jet
– air-to-air attack by a drone

It should be investigated, because none of us found a single credible witness who confirmed to have seen a Buk launch – even though there whould have been enormous signs to expect at least 100,000 witnesses in the area. At the same time we found a lot of witnesses who saw jets in the sky.

Air-to-air attacks were excluded by DSB/JIT without convincing reasons. We don´t know anything about the number one evidence – forensic examination of impact holes of the wreckage itself. Which kind of metal residues are there?

3.) “Can you explain the expertise or the journalism role of the persons listed below on MH17? Or are they just supporters of the message expressed in the letter?”

NORBERT K. REISBERG – he is a studied military scientist, former jet pilot, later pilot of GDR government planes; today he gives lectures on different military topics, MH17 is one of them. (more info)

FRANK HÖFER – he is the chief of NUOVISO TV which published different interviews and documentaries on MH17.

NORBERT FLEISCHER – he is a video documentary journalist on (geo-)political issues and media review.

The letter ends with the names of the self-proclaimed experts and  (video)bloggers who endorse the letter. The names listed are Bernd Biedermann, Elmar Giemulla, Hermann Hagena, Peter Haisenko, Dieter Kleemann, Joost Niemoller, Graham Phillips, Max van der Werff and Karel van Wolferen.

For those who are unware of these names, all of them have a rather remarkable opinion about what happened to flight MH17.

None of these people appear in Western main stream media. Some of them however are regulary seen at Russia Today or other Russian tv channels.

For example former Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko. Even after Russia stated there were no other aircraft near MH17, Haisenko still believes MH17 was shotdown by at least bullets fired from a machine gun.  I wrote a blog about his nonsense opinion here.

The reputation of Graham Phillips is seen by many as bad.  He made a lot of controversial  videos in Eastern Ukraine always showing a pro Russia bias. See the picture on the top of this post with Igor Strelkov. Phillips has lots of sympathy for Donbass and the leaders of the LPR and DPR.

Bernd Biedermann,  Hermann Hagena and Dieter Kleemann all served in East German or West Germany military. These men appeared in a couple of Billy Six videos. Six is a freelance journalist. I wrote about Six here.

Max van der Werff is a Dutch blogger who went to Donbass twice to investigate MH17.  He showed his true colours after he did not publish photos clearly showing cables of which Max stated these did not exists.  Max is convinced Russia is innocent.

Joost Niemoller wrote a book about MH17. Again a person suffering from severe tunnel vision and lack of knowledge on MH17. I reviewed his book which contains many omissions and errors here.

The photo below shows Graham Phillips and Joost Niemoller.


Karel van Wolferen is a retired Dutch journalist. In this interview in Dutch many factual incorrect statements and complete nonsense is told. This is  a blog showing 11 factual incorrect statements by Van Wolferen.

Giemulla is a German lawyer who submitted on behalf of four next of kin an application at the ECtHR against the State of Ukraine for not closing the airspace . He seems to be one of the few reasonable persons of the group. Billy Six and Giemulla travelled together from Berlin to Nieuwegein to attend the JIT press conference.

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