Pro-Kremlin activists confirm Kremlin manipulated satellite photos

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A leaked document written by Dutch Military Intelligence Service MIVD and obtained via a leak by Pro-Kremlin activists confirm Kremlin manipulated a satellite photos to suggest an Ukraine operated Buk Telar disappeared from a former Ukraine army base just at the day MH17 was shot down. Using this ‘evidence’ Kremlin suggested that Ukraine shot down MH17.

However the Buk Telar surface to air missile launcher was not operational in July 2014 as many parts were missing. The Buk Telar never moved from its position at the desolated and destroyed former Ukraine army base.

Bellingcat in 2015 published severall reports showing proof Kremlin manipulated satellite photos. A detailed report is availabe here.

The confirmation Kremlin lied came from an unexpected party. Blogger Max van der Werff and former Kremlin funded RT journalist Yana Yerlashova published an authentic looking report written by Dutch Military Intelligence Service MIVD. The document is part of a set of four documents which are part of the JIT investigaton dossier.

How the couple, notorious for spreading disinformation on MH17, were able to obtain the documents is not clear. Possibly the documents were obtained from the Malaysian participants in JIT via Russian intelligence services using hacking techniques.

The MIVD document states the Buk Telar at the former army barracks north of Donetsk remained at that location from July 11 to July 22, 2014. The document refers to photos available on social media which shows the Buk is damaged and is missing parts. Additionaly the report statesĀ  from this location it was impossible to shot down MH17.


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1 Comment on Pro-Kremlin activists confirm Kremlin manipulated satellite photos

  1. The question is, what Van der Werff’s is trying to accomplish. His actions have the characteristics of a vendetta against the Dutch state. Unfortunately (for him) he fails.

    Another “leaked” document (same date!) from the MIVD that he published is about the known operational BUK locations. The original doc is in Dutch. He translated it in English for his international audience. That MIVD document seems to answer a question (probably from the prosecution) if any of these BUK’s could have been responsible for the downing. The answer is that all BUK’s were “beyond the range of all identified and operational Ukrainian and Russian locations where 9K37M1 Buk M1 systems were deployed”. It does not answer the question (that doesn’t seem to have been asked either) whether the MIVD was aware of the smuggling of heavy military equipment like the BUK from Russia. Van der Werff apparently wanted to prove that MH17 was not downed by a BUK. He also fails in this case.

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